Samsung Promoting BBM Coming Soon To Galaxy Devices

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We’ve all known for some time that cross-platform BBM is due soon on Android and iOS. But it seems that Samsung is taking things a step further – they’re throwing a bone to BlackBerry with an advertising campaign around the arrival of BBM on their Galaxy smartphones.

The campaign in question is being pushed by Samsung Ghana, who recently posted the photo above, as well as the video below, on their Facebook page. Word is that a similar campaign exists in South Africa. Moreover, Samsung Africa announced earlier this month that the app will be available in Samsung’s app store. This new campaign, however, seems to suggest that cross-platform BBM must be very close – close enough for Samsung to feel confident promoting it as “Coming Soon”.

Having said that, the campaign could be improved . The short video and photo posted by Samsung Ghana both feature legacy BlackBerry devices, as opposed to something out of the BlackBerry 10 lineup. It does raise an interesting question however – are Samsung and BlackBerry working together, or is this just an attempt by Samsung Africa to sway users away from BlackBerry by putting BBM on the Galaxy smartphones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Samsung Ghana on Facebook via CB

 Samsung Promoting BBM Coming Soon To Galaxy Devices

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 Samsung Promoting BBM Coming Soon To Galaxy Devices


  1. Pjews author says

    Where is the marketing from Blackberry? Has FB been fired? I find it strange, that Samsung is promoting this, and not Blackberry.

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