RIM launches the ultimate media device – A rumor I would love to hear

berry player 580x462 RIM launches the ultimate media device   A rumor I would love to hear

RIM’s #BeBold movement was seen by the world as a marketing campaign with a message that only BlackBerry lovers understood. To the market they lost and can’t reach to, a BlackBerry is a straight face, suited up device and today what the majority market wants is the ultimate cool device. I believe RIM does not need to change its devices, to prioritize media over functionality, what they need is a totally new device and I have an idea. 

What I would love to hear, is about RIM making a full touchscreen pure entertainment device that any gadget lover can fall inlove with and this is what i have in mind.

I imagine a device capable of BlackBerry and android apps and games on a massive +4.0″ widescreen Multi-Touch display; extended music, movie, video playback time with a storage capacity of +16gig internal and expandable external memory; ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts for those boring, slow and quiet moments; photo capturing and editing, HD video recording and editing for those memorable moments plus a front camera with VGA-quality photos and video or better for video calling;  and web browsing and maps for quick search and finding your way around.

A device that can be used as a remote when connected via Bridge to a BlackBerry Playbook and can share your phone’s internet connection via Bridge for BlackBerry and via Wifi tethering for other platform phones and BB7 devices. A +8-megapixel camera with autofocus, tap to focus, face detection in still images, LED flash, photo and video geotagging over Wi-Fi, video recording and in-built photo editing functionality – all the fun works. Accelerometer and proximity sensors. Wifi, GPS, bluetooth, USB, headphone jack, built-in speaker, microphone and rechargeable battery.

Basically a media device I can have plugged into my ears all day and still be able to catch my emails, texts, BBMs on my BlackBerry phone.

Just another phone will be sending a message to the world that nobody is going to listen to, consumers need to be assured that RIM is capable of being a fun toy. Everyone I know personally who bought an android or iOS device recently, went on about games and the camera – entertainment mostly. This we all know is not RIM’s focus and it would be sad if BlackBerry was to prioritize this over its business orientation which  we have known it for, bought it for and grown to love it for.


 RIM launches the ultimate media device   A rumor I would love to hear
Web-developer, BlackBerry theme developer (Amekmani Apps on AppWorld), Business Information Systems honors graduate, techprenuer in Namibia and a huge fan of BlackBerry devices.


  1. Mavricxx author says

    I would prefer an HD front facing cam as more and more people are doing self protrait, plus if we FINALLY do manage to get Skype…wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make HD video calls?  Also, I like the idea of a media device but RIM needs to work on offering more work out accessories like armbands and perhaps now that they have BB Music even setup something like iTunes.  Bottom like they need to step out of their shell like Apple did in order to advance.  They also need their own Cloud storage and Voice Guided GPS like Google did, both on the PlayBook and the BB10 handsets.

  2. author says

    What you are describing is mostly what various Android and IOS devices already do (albeith after installing some extra apps). While these features are important, BlackBerry’s need to add their own special flavor to the mix. They should’t try to compete on feature parity, but cover the basics, open up API’s for 3rd party devs to do amazing things while adding what BB is good at: security, communication, keyboard.

  3. MartinJdub author says

    I agree on all counts…only two thing I would add:

    1. The UI that is so fluid and dynamic (cascades much)

    2. That they pull out a crazy good Augmented Reality App with Wikitude. My iOS and Android buds think its way cool, way jelous of me :)

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