BlackBerry World 2012 / BlackBerry 10 Jam – Orlando, FL – –  Kony Solutions, the leading mobile application development platform (MADP) provider, announced that it will be one of the first mobile platform providers to support the new BlackBerry® 10 platform.  Kony customers and partners can expand their mobile applications to support BlackBerry 10 users immediately, with just a few clicks of a button.

“Mobile OS updates are a constant reality in the mobile industry, and can cause headaches for IT staff and users alike,” said Sri Ramanathan, Kony’s CTO. “With Kony’s platform, supporting new operating systems like BlackBerry10 is a simple and graceful transition, with no need to rebuild or re-publish the mobile apps. Our relationships with OEMs like Research In Motion enable us to maintain the industry’s most comprehensive service level agreement for new devices and operating systems.”
Kony’s flagship product is its KonyOne mobile enterprise application platform. Kony’s patent-pending “Write Once, Run Everywhere” technology enables developers to deploy their apps across more than 10,000 mobile smartphones/tablets/kiosks and operating systems from a single code base. All Kony applications can be delivered in native and mobile web (HTML5 and non-HTML5), across every mobile channel. Kony offers the mobile industry’s most comprehensive Service Level Agreement, ensuring support for new versions of existing platforms or OS within 30 days of code release, and within 90 days for any new device or OS.