Dexrex Gear Launches New ChatSync Mobile Enterprise for BlackBerry

Cambridge, MA, September 30, 2010 –(– Dexrex Gear, a leading developer of cloud-based enterprise data management solutions for businesses’ mobile text (SMS) and instant message (IM) communications, has launched a new version of its ChatSync platform for enterprise BlackBerry users, dubbed ChatSync Mobile Enterprise. The new release extends the award-winning ChatSync’s functionality into the mobile enterprise and provides greater capture reach and data centralization of SMS, MMS and SMS PIN messaging for companies operating in a BlackBerry environment.

Flexible in its deployment options, ChatSync can operate as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a larger communications and compliance management system, such as those from current partners Sonian, Seccas or USA.NET. ChatSync Mobile Enterprise for BlackBerry operates through a distributed application model and can be installed silently through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), adding value to BlackBerry servers while providing scalability for large fleets of BlackBerry users. ChatSync works by capturing and offloading text-based messages via a client plug-in, proxy or SIP script deployment into a secure and centralized storage platform within the cloud, where it is normalized and archived in a structured database to ensure fast and efficient search and retrieval for compliance, e-discovery, and adherence to storage best practices.

“Companies that operate under some sort of data retention regulations – a rapidly growing pool as more regulations and best practice recommendations come online – must treat IM, SMS and social media communications the same way they treat email communications, which includes complete capture and retention of messages communicated through BlackBerries,” said Derek Lyman, co-founder and CEO of Dexrex Gear. “As one of the most widely deployed business communications devices, full support of BlackBerry devices and interoperability with BlackBerry back-end systems is a key feature for ChatSync.”

“Today, one of the corporate SMS management strategies is to simply avoid wireless text communications all together, which negates a potentially fruitful communications stream within an enterprise,” said Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research. “Solutions like ChatSynch, which can bring SMS communications over BlackBerry into compliance, give enterprises the ability to safely use such communications in their day-to-day activities.”

The new ChatSync version is available now from Dexrex Gear resellers. For more information contact or visit

 Dexrex Gear Launches New ChatSync Mobile Enterprise for BlackBerry
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 Dexrex Gear Launches New ChatSync Mobile Enterprise for BlackBerry


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