BlackBerry still holds the number 3 spot in Canada, according to comScore

real estate BlackBerry still holds the number 3 spot in Canada, according to comScore

Despite the doom and gloom surrounding BlackBerry, it appears they still hold the number 3 spot in Canada – despite a 5% drop on  a year to year basis. They even held on the number 3 spot with the PlayBook.

BlackBerry now owns 15% of the Canadian Smartphone market, according to a report by comScore. This is a 5% drop in market share on a year to year basis. However, the surprising news is that the BlackBerry PlayBook, also holds the number 3 spot in the Tablet market share. Personally, I think this is great news. Ofcourse, any drop in number is not good news, but considering where BlackBerry allegedly holds a virtual 0% in some places where they once dominated, it’s encouraging to see that there are some Canadians that take pride in holding onto their BlackBerry’s.

In a market where Windows has been playing this Smartphone game for a couple of years now, this news could have been much worse. Windows only owns 2% of the Canadian market share, smartphone and tablet.

In terms of the PlayBook, this begs the question: Should BlackBerry consider releasing a newer, up to date, BlackBerry 10 running Tablet?

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  1. RICO says

    When are the new high end BlackBerry phones coming, that’s what we want to know. It’s been so long and we haven’t had peep of even a single cool leak. The one about the 5″ screen for the next 10 is horrible. I can’t even picture that on the Bold type device. An elongated screen would be alot better with a keyboard. BlackBerry is taking way too long to release new devices and they are falling farther and farther into the unkown with new hot Android devices and the iPhone 6 looming in the near future. What ablout a PlayBook 2, I’d love to get my hands on an updated one with top of the line specs and the latest OS10!

  2. ATInsider says

    BlackBerry still has a strong opportunity to somehow claw back market share in Canada. Despite its small population of approx: 35M people, it will help BlackBerry gain back some of its North American market share.

    That said, despite how superior BB10 is, all current BB10 devices are greatly under-spec’d. BlackBerry at this time is not in the position to release a device based on overall experience (Something Apple’s been doing for years via its iPhone, despite its greatly lacking features), due to its tarnished image. So they need to fight with unique innovation and high end spec’s.

    Bar None, a high end BlackBerry 10 based device will further leave the competition in the dust. Just a testament on how well made BB10 truly is. The Z30, being quite under-spec’d for example has been awarded as best mobile device to date, and has beat out the greatest spec’d devices to date.

    I will say this, “IMO” John Chen, BBRY CEO, has the ability to see how something will play out, and I expect him to release a monsterous spec’d Full Touch Device, powered by BB10.3 that will not only gain the media’s attention but may in fact restore the BlackBerry image too. A type of device meant to attract “New Customers”.

    In regards to a possible PlayBook 2? “IMO” I expect this has been in design since before John Chen became CEO. I can see a tablet making its way out. But two factors need to 1st play out. 1) Sales of the Z3 & 2) Sales of the “Classic” Q20. If they are good sellers, expect a PlayBook 2 shortly after via Foxconn.

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