As of now its no secret that things are heated in the smartphone arena. Well apparently Steve Jobs has added fire to the flame and has opened up an official Apple Store in the heart of BlackBerry land – Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. Will they achieve success? Well it’s a little too early to tell but 200+ people waited in line Saturday morning for the official opening of the Apple Store.  Check this, the store is located in the Conestoga Mall, which is only a 10 minute drive from RIM headquarters at Waterloo. Personally, I think it’s a good move that brings the competition even closer and will help put pressure on RIM to produce plus not let them get to complacent. How RIM responds to this shouldn’t be by any sort of public statement. Instead, RIM needs to keep all of their focus on putting QNX on handhelds and advancing their PlayBook tablet to the next level.

via theglobeandmail