Here’s something that should get many of you excited, especially if you love FREE prizes (that’s right I said “prizes”). As many of you know we normally run a giveaway that offers the winner with just one prize. Well BlackBerry Empire and the great folks over at Wireless Emporium have teamed up to bring one lucky person a complete prize bundle. This means the lucky winner will actually win 6 items for their BlackBerry Q10 device.

Here is a list of the prizes that one lucky person will be winning.

1. A rubberized hard shell case in the color of your choice from the following list:

$9.99 Retail Value

2. An anti-glare screen protector:

$7.99 Retail Value

3. A universal, external solar battery charger with cable:

$34.99 Retail Value

4. Naztech Micro USB Y Splitter Dual Charging cable:

$11.99 Retail Value

5. Any bluetooth headset device under $40:

Max $39.99 Retail Value

6. A 16GB microSDHC memory card:

$24.99 Retail Value

As you can see this is quite a prize pack from Wireless Emporium with a total retail value of $129.94 so we at BlackBerry Empire want to say thank you to them for their help with this giveaway.

Like I said entering for this prize pack will be simple all you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment in the giveaway thread in our all new and improved BlackBerry Empire forums saying why you need to win this giveaway.
  • For an extra entry make sure to also leave a comment at Wireless Emporium Blog.
  • Share this link on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +
  • Reside in the United States or Canada.

The giveaway will run until June 15th and then we will let everyone know who wins through this post, the forum contest thread, as well as the Wireless Emporium Blog. For any of you that aren’t feeling lucky or maybe you just want your BlackBerry accessories now make sure to head on over to the Wireless Emporium website today, I’m sure you will find something you need for your device.