The white BlackBerry Z30 is now available via shopBlackBerry

White Z30 The white BlackBerry Z30 is now available via shopBlackBerry

If you were interested in purchasing the BlackBerry Z30 and didn’t quite fancy the black one but wanted the white instead, today’s your lucky day. BlackBerry is now stocking the white Z30 in the US, Canada and in the UK.

The device comes unlocked/sim-free, 4G connected, features an all touch 5″ AMOLED display and did I mention it comes in white? It’s a gorgeous device that I would love to pick up and so should you!

Z30 White via shopBlackBerry 615x365 The white BlackBerry Z30 is now available via shopBlackBerry

Will you be picking up the BlackBerry Z30?

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  1. Ginger author says

    Why bother with BlackBerry? I’ve used them for years but now their apps are horrible. The Facebook app keeps getting worse with each new update. I’m about to abandon the BlackBerry ship after many years of using them.

    • Nick author says

      Why bother with BlackBerry? Because BlackBerry 10 currently offers the most superior mobile platform in existence. Which is why the “Under-Spec’d Z30 WON best Smart Phone of 2014, easily taking out the best High End Android Phones and iPhones.

      My BlackBerry 10, Q5 runs FaceBook, Tritter and Linkedin flawlessly. Are you talking about BB7? Or BB10?

    • ATInsider author says

      BlackBerry 10 apps are among the best most secure in the industry. They are very well designed due to the strict compliance rules DEV’s need to abide to.
      You can also directly download and install Android Apps via Google Play, Amazon App Store & 1Mobile for example, directly on your BB10 device.

      Humm, for years, which means you have not used a BB10 device yet. You must mean BlackBerry 7, yes that is old school.
      Here is a snippet of the average USER REVIEW on how they look and feel about BlackBerry 10.
      ***BlackBerry 10 has also been regarded as one of the most Intellectual, Instinctive, Elegant, Fluid, Advanced, Multitasking & Multimedia Mobile Operating System ever created in the World to date.***

      If that don’t explain how great BB10 is, what will. Regards,

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