For all you folks that use the very popular app, Instagram, we have an updated .bar file to the app. From what I have read this file is to version 3.4.4 and it runs much smoother than the older released file. I have installed it on my BlackBerry Z10 and it’s running fine for me.

With this latest .bar file it appears we can now login and out of the app as normal without having to use the workarounds that we have posted in the past. So for any of you that want to grab this version of Instagram you can download it here. I have also heard that this file will allow you to setup a new account like normal, but since I have an account already I haven’t confirmed this.

This .bar file still needs to be sideloaded so make sure to remove the older version first and the load this one. For any of you that still aren’t sure how to sideload you can check out our how-to sideload post and just follow the very simple directions.