Update On Viber VoIP App For BlackBerry 10

Viber 580x362 Update On Viber VoIP App For BlackBerry 10Those of you asking for the status of Viber coming to BlackBerry 10 and will it support VoIP (Voice over IP) the answer to both is yes it is coming to BlackBerry 10 and yes it will support VoIP in its BlackBerry app. We had already previously reported that Viber is in it’s development stages for BlackBerry 10. Viber recently past the 175 million user mark and continues to add an average of a whopping 400,000 users per day.

The team over at TruTower got in contact with Talmon Marco, the CEO of Viber and Viber Social Media Manager and asked:

Q: Do you have an estimated time frame for the release of Viber for BlackBerry 10?

A: Viber for BB10, as announced by Blackberry is in development. We currently do not have a timeframe, but it should take less than the time it took us to deliver Viber for the previous generation of BB devices. Viber for BB10 will support Voice on day one as well as all the other features found in Viber for Android and iOS. While discussing Blackberry, it should be noted that we are still on track to deliver voice for the current BB devices.

Q: Is Viber looking to introduce special new features? In addition, many of our users were wondering about new Viber stickers. Is a new batch of stickers being planned for addition?

A: Viber will introduce new stickers with the next release of Viber. Expect far more stickers with the release to follow it.

Q: What goals has Viber set for the rest of 2013?

A: More features, more platforms, more users, more languages, more releases. Lots more. This is going to be a truly exciting year for Viber users!

There you have it, Viber will be coming to BlackBerry 10 very soon and will be packed with some impressive features.

Source: TruTower

 Update On Viber VoIP App For BlackBerry 10
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 Update On Viber VoIP App For BlackBerry 10


  1. author says

    Hi guys!
    This is a member of the Viber Team.
    Thank you for writing about Viber! We’re also very excited about the development of Viber for BB 10! :)
    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we’d be happy to assist.


  2. BB8520 author says

    Is the VoIP Viber feature will be available soon? It’s April 5 already, perhaps next week, or 3rd week? or never? :(

  3. khalil atta author says

    Hello! Hi! I try to get viber working on my BlackBerry 10 but it’s not working is saying ‘the app viber process.com.voip has stopped unexpectedly please try again..I’m using v pls help how am I going to solve this problem? Thanks?

  4. khalil atta author says

    I follow the steps and even watched the steps on YouTube but it’s kinda difficult for I requested I get only bbidtoken.csk how do I get the second key please?

  5. khalil atta author says

    I’m not using OS 10.2 I’m running 10.1 and I already installed viber using the DDPB on my pc but when ever I tried to launch viber on my phone it use to say the app viber process has stopped etc..

  6. khalil atta author says

    Hi Micheal! I recently request signing key I got this message ‘Your BlackBerry Tablet Code Signing Key order has been received and will be processed shortly. It could take up to 2 hours to fully process your order. Your code signing keys will be sent via email to the address specified in your order. What should I do next please?

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