Ubertwitter updated to version 0.99 With Changelog/Bug fixes-Beta-9 release 1

UberTwitter was tweeting earlier and gave us warning that this was coming. Nothing better than a fresh updated Twitter client on this Wednesday evening. Beta-9 release 1 is now available for download! The version number is 0.99. The new version brings new features, but more importantly includes a major bug-fix that should make end users very happy. Below is a list of the features and capabilities that are new to this release.

Bug Fix – Fixed a bug where the menu key would become unresponsive and occasionally the device would lock up. This same bug likely was causing excessive battery usage over time.
New Themes – You asked and we delivered two new themes! The Midnight theme which we think many of you will find extremely appealing, and the Über Classic theme which brings back many of the color choices of version 0.971 including the same solid colors for @replies and DMs
Filtered ÜberChannels – You loved ÜberChannels, but now we think you’ll love it even more! When you pull up the timeline for an ÜberChannel the tweets are now filtered so that you will only see on-topic tweets. Not seeing all of the extraneous tweets, especially on a mobile device, should make the ÜberChannel experience much better!
Brighter Themes – Listening to your feedback we have reworked the colors in all of the existing themes to make the brighter and more vibrant.
Notification Flowers – Everyone liked the uniqueness of the notification ‘flowers’ on the main icon when you had a new tweet/@reply or DM, we made them even better by including a red and white star in the middle to make them stand out.

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TweetPhoto is now Plixi – We have converted it all over to use the new Plixi logo and wording.
Photo Upload Bug – Fixed a bug in photo uploads which could occur if you had multiple accounts configured on your device.
Highlight Bars – The highlight bar is now more appropriate for each theme, and we also made the highlight bar flow behind the tweets in the ‘bubble’ layout, like it did in previous versions.
Icon Notifications – Fixed bug where icon notifications were not cleared when ÜberTwitter stopped running.
Sound Notifications – Fixed bug where an @reply sound notification would not sound if there was also a regular tweet notification.
Hashtag Picker – You can now turn off the hashtag picker under ‘options’ from the menu.
Late @replies – Fixed bug where if you received an @reply and saw the notification on the uber bar and then went to your @replies, you couldn’t find any new ones there.
Native 6.0 Build - There is now a native build for BlackBerry OS version 6.0
Photo/Video Picker – We now use the native Photo/Video file picker on BlackBerry OS version 6.0.
Click here to download UberTwittter 0.99 >> http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php

Hope you enjoy v0.99! Let us know what you think

 Ubertwitter updated to version 0.99 With Changelog/Bug fixes Beta 9 release 1
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 Ubertwitter updated to version 0.99 With Changelog/Bug fixes Beta 9 release 1

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