Twitter for BlackBerry 10 updated to, brings app enhancements and more

Twitter logo blue 615x499 Twitter for BlackBerry 10 updated to, brings app enhancements and more

Twitter for BlackBerry 10 devices received an update today, bringing the version to This updates bring subtle changes in the app’s performance and a new app icon. 

This isn’t a huge update, but any update is more than welcome. This is also brings the new, flat app icon in which we’ve seen recently in 10.3. OS builds including apps such as Facebook.

What’s new with 10.3.1.?

  • Accept/Decline “Follower” requests in app when using a restricted account
  • Application launch time improvements, general improvements and bug fixes.

And if you didn’t know about Twitter’s update to 10.3, read all the changes and additions below:

  • Save Tweets as Drafts, and send when you are ready.
  • Swipeable Timeline to ‘Activity’ and ‘Discover’ tabs for quicker access to content
  • Multiple photo enhancements – Photos In Direct Message, toggle pictures on/off in the home timeline, and Retake/Edit picture options in Tweet composer
  • Age gating – verifying the user’s age when following certain brands/products

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  1. RealGrouchy author says

    How do I go back to 10.2??? 10.3 (and 10.3.1) has reintroduced old problems:
    - Not remembering where I was in a timeline (especially after I respond to someone’s tweet)
    - Missing blocks of tweets without a “load more tweets” button between them, often hours long, which persist after closing the app, logging out and logging back in, battery pull, and even uninstalling/reinstalling the app! (though by the time I’ve done that it’s often too hard to find the gap between the tweets because so much time has elapsed!)

    I did not have these, or any other, problems with 10.2 and I want to go back to 10.2.

    - RG>

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