TurboCall – one-stop US/CA CallerID app

TurboCall 300x225 TurboCall   one stop US/CA CallerID appCallerID 300x225 TurboCall   one stop US/CA CallerID app

TurboCall is a top one-stop and US/CA CallerID application for BlackBerry smartphones. TurboCall is feature-rich, main features are as follows:

* Show number location of incoming/outgoing call: Support 190 countries, US/CA 305 area codes, about 15,000 cities and 150,000 number prefixs, US number owns line type (Landline/Cell Phone).
* Query number location in system modules: Query number location in Phone, SMS or Contacts interface.
* Missed call and new SMS alert: Alert with LED, vibration, voice and message window regularly. LED can be set color, brightness, flash period.
* Incoming call firewall: Intercept incoming calls according to blacklist, whitelist or Contacts.
* SMS firewall: Intercept SMS according to blacklist, whitelist, Contacts or keywords.

* Smart dial: Input number prefix or any digits to list all matched number and make call.
* Call alert: Vibrate on call connect or disconnect. Remind of a call’s elapsed time regularly.
* Auto standby: Auto standby after screen off to save power effectively. (only for OS 4.5 ~ 4.7)
* Battery level indicator: Show battery level in system interfaces. (only for OS 4.6 above)
* Battery level icon: Show battery level on TurboCall icon.
* Biorhythm: Daily physical, emotional and intellectual analysis.
* Battery log and estimate: Record battery level, calculate the average power consumption and estimate available time.
* One key to switch WiFi: One key to turn on/off WiFi.
* One key to switch signal: One key to turn on/off signal.
* Alert on charge complete: Sound to alert after charging full.
* Auto close low battery level LED flash: Close low battery level LED flash automatically.
* More: IP Call, one key to open/delete/reply/forward SMS, one key to clean memory, one key to clear event log, on key to open event log, system info display, change skin…
Get it via the BlackBerry Empire store

 TurboCall   one stop US/CA CallerID app
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 TurboCall   one stop US/CA CallerID app

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