The Death of RIM? [Infographic] Thoughts?

RIM headquarters The Death of RIM? [Infographic] Thoughts?

We here at BlackBerry Empire of course are BlackBerry enthusiasts, this detailed infographic was just sent in, brought to you by MBA Online with details starting back from 1999 to current 2012. RIM still holds the best method of communication both with how their e-mails are sent and received along with BBM. Yes there was a recent failure in the infrastructure that left users without e-mail and instant messaging servces, but that is the past. Where do YOU think RIM is headed? I think BlackBerry 10 will definitely bring in more users and encourage them to dump their non-BlackBerry smartphones and get back to real business! Check out the full infographic below:

death of rim The Death of RIM? [Infographic] Thoughts?


  1. author says

    When did the BackBerry ever have a stylist, I don’t remember then ever having one. Which tell me the people that did this just read random information from the internet and made pictures so Apple people can understand… Sad

  2. Juledb author says

    To me, this vignette shows that RIM was there 8 years before the first iPhone.

    Guess it will be there 8 years after the last Apple product…

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