Telegram cross-platform IM comes to BlackBerry 10

We let you all know yesterday about the possibility of the cross-platform messaging app Telegram coming to BlackBerry 10, this however is from a different developer and the app is not native, it is an Android ported app that has made its way to BlackBerry World.

Telegram works in a way similar to WhatsApp where you verify by using your phone number to register, while it is not on the level BBM is in terms of security and smoothness, users want options and now they have Telegram.

Checkout the app in BlackBerry World and let us know how it works for you. For more on the native app coming soon see here.

Telegram coming to BlackBerry 10?

Telegram BlackBerry 10I am sure you all have heard of Telegram before, if you haven’t Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security to put it in short terms (sounds like BBM), the developer of iGrann (Instagram client) who has a knack for bringing big name apps to BlackBerry 10 has just tweeted the above photo teasing about how it just might come to BlackBerry 10.

More about Telegram: …

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