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The Search For Protection Perfection Part 3 – Tech Armor Four Way Privacy Protector

For the third (and much delayed) installment of my SFPP journey, I have stumbled upon yet another Tech Armor product. Let me just preface this with the fact that I’ve been waiting to review a privacy screen protector for quite some time. Before you continue to read this, make sure you enter to win a FREE Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector 3-Pack and make sure you read my review on the HD Clear and Matte Screen Protectors from Tech Armor as well! 

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The 2013 BlackBerry Elite Live/Jam Experience

Describing BlackBerry Live/Jam 2013 in one word; Phenomenal. This event was like none other I have been involved with. Not only was this my first time ever going to such an event involving BlackBerry, but I was also going to this event as a BlackBerry Elite member. With permission from the Elite program team leaders on-site at BBLive, I am going to highlight the event through my eyes.

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Review: Incipio DualPro Case For The BlackBerry Z10

For the last week, I have been sporting this sharp looking case from Incipio, the DualPro in neon yellow and gray. I have to say that this little case has caused a bit of a stir among my family and friends! Considering I have 7 BlackBerry Z10 cases (to date) I am going into this review with a lot of knowledge about what I like and don’t like, need and don’t need, in a case. So, let’s get started.

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My Skype On The BlackBerry Z10 Experience

Watching the web over the last few days you have most likely noticed an upswing in the hysteria surrounding Skype for BlackBerry 10. Initially released on BlackBerry World for the Q10 with a ‘coming soon’ for the Z10, it didn’t take long for the Z10 to get some Skype love through a downloadable bar file. Well, of course I had to try it out and give it a once through to see if this download is rocking and rolling or just a hopeful dream.

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What The Unity Cross Platform Development Partnership Means For BlackBerry

Yesterday, it was officially announced that Unity Technologies, developers of the Unity gaming engine, will be extending an open beta for their cross platform development tools to the BlackBerry 10 OS. As a matter of fact, BlackBerry 10 developers will get first access to this open beta. This is groundbreaking news, since BlackBerry has been under the microscope lately with arguments stemming from the operating system’s lack of applications. 

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Review SEIDIO ACTIVE Case W/Holster And Stand For BlackBerry Z10

    After the release of the BlackBerry Z10 in the U.S., I knew one of the first things I would have to do before getting mine was to purchase a case to protect it with. I am very specific and with my profession I need a holster and decent protection. I scoured the web and bought a few to initially try out, and after finding I was not completely happy, continued my search. I then landed on the SEIDIO ACTIVE case w/holster. It came in a few colors (glossy white, garnet red, amethyst and royal blue) and I immediately grabbed the blue. It looked amazing online, so it had to look as awesome in person, right?

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Initial Review of Leaked BlackBerry Z10 OS

Yesterday a new BlackBerry Z10 OS leak was introduced to the masses OS Having done hybrid and leaked OS builds since my first BlackBerry (the Storm), I have jumped at every chance to try a new build, and this was no different. My device is on the Verizon network, and as such I had already loaded the on prior to this leak, so I knew through some trial and error already how to load this leak. Give yourself about 2 hours to do this, and I think you will find that after the OS settles, it truly is a solid build. I will not go into the process of downloading the OS here as there are plenty of resources out there to help you with that. However, I am going to give you my initial feedback on the OS and in my opinion, what I find to be the best and maybe even worst (gasp!) of the build.

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Review: Noreve Handcrafted BlackBerry Z10 Leather Cases

Noreve specializes in high end-high quality leather cases for mobile devices. Ranging from smartphones  laptops, cameras, tablets and more. Their hand crafted cases are manufactured in Saint Tropez, South Eastern France a little ways from Marseilles on the Mediterranean. They have a unique design aesthetic across a range of different leathers.

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