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Emblm Custom Casing for BlackBerry Review

Emblm is a caseless, customized device, made from OEM parts, which is a proprietary customization process that integrates custom colors and high quality graphics.  The process embeds the image / colour directly into the part.  Emblm is currently in the process of a crowd funding campaign to raise $50,000 by October 14th, 2012 to purchase equipment that will allow them to expand.

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Start the new year right with the fresh look of Element 2012 by Xan

It’s a new year, and time to make changes and resolutions.  Why not start with the new updated version of a classic Xan theme?  Element has been revamped for 2012 with a fresh perspective.  You still have the hidden dock and hidden OCD, but this time you also have the option of hiding the year (so you can use it all year and the next and the next…) a tint feature, and OS7 icons.  Read more to find out about making a change to Element 2012.    

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BlackBerry Torch 10000 shows up in advanced search

The BlackBerry Torch 10000 has shown up on Asurion’s help site. Asurion is an insurance provider for mobile devices and it is very possible that they may have information to future, upcoming BlackBerry devices. What do you think? Is this real? Will BlackBerry use 5 digits to name devices? How close are we to seeing more of this Torch 10000? This definitely lends itself infinite speculation and rumors. I guess that’s the fun part! Note: This site also has iPhone 5 listed Source: N4BB

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BlackBerry Torch Spotlight

I know that the BlackBerry Torch is a year old at this moment but, I felt the need to give it some credit for it’s accomplishments. The BlackBerry Torch was the first “real” touch screen device for RIM. It was the first device to be released with BlackBerry 6 as a native OS and it was the first slider BlackBerry. Why does any of this matter? Look at today’s Berrys and tell me where they got their spark. BB7 is based off of BB6. The 9810-60 series devices are all Torch brands. The acquisition of Torch Mobile to build the webkit browser was the real beginning but, for sake of devices being the key factor in all of this, we’ll just say that the 9800 pioneered the new age for future BlackBerry devices. Interested? Continue reading…

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Bell BlackBerry Lineup Leaked: 4 New Phones Coming in August/September!

As we get closer to the release of the new BlackBerry 7 Smart Phones, we are starting to see more and more leaks regarding release dates.  This time the leak comes courtesy of showing information and approximate release dates of the BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9860, and the BlackBerry Curve 9360.  According to the leaked image, both Torches and the Bold will be released in late August while the new Curve will be released in September. Will you be happy if these phones are released in late August or were you expecting them sooner? Via techfibe

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Quick Tip: Selecting Multiple Images

There is a simple way to manipulate multiple pictures within your photo albums if you’re using a BlackBerry 6 capable device. If you have a BlackBerry Torch, it’s even easier. Simply tap two photos simultaneously and you’ll get what you see in the image above. Hit your Black Berry button and you’ll have the option to choose what you want to do with your photos. If you have an entire load of photos…

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Problems Never End

First, take a deep breath. Second, think about the best day of your life and realize that life isn’t designed to be perfect and presto, we can all breath knowing that we’ll get through this. I’m speaking to you about some of the negative things that I have been dealing with. Now, I’m not heart broken but, I am upset. If you’re like me and have been putting up with RIM for quite some time, keep reading.

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“Mirth” by Raypho provides happiness and joy to you and your BB

You know, I’m not quite sure how he does it.  Raypho has a great mind for themes and has yet again released a new theme, this one called Mirth.   This one is pure joy.   I was smiling right along with Mirth when I loaded it because it has not 1, not 2, BUT 3 ocd slots!!  That alone is enough to make you shout out with glee!   There is also a 6 icon hidden dock, so technically you could have 9 of your favorite and most used apps right on your home screen…Read more to find out how Mirth will make your Blackberry smile..

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Art of War 2: Global Confederation

Art of War 2: Global Confederation is a real-time strategy game. It’s military based with a pretty cool and unique story. I’m sure you’ll find this game interesting. We did a giveaway for this game in the past and I have 6 remaining copies to give away. It’s available for any BlackBerry running OS 4.2 or higher. If you’re curious as to how this game works, head to these links: Art of War 2 – Youtube 2010; Art of War 2 – Youtube 2011. If you’re interested in a free copy of this game, leave a comment on this post and I’ll send you the download link.

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Win one of 5 copies of Element by Xan of IHeartMyBB!

Following up on my review of Element, I now have 5 copies to giveaway of one of the most unique themes to date!  Element is pure genius on your BB, so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!   Xan has truly been working hard on her latest themes, and I’m loving this one…Not only is she a great developer, she is very generous as well.   Not something you can say about all developers!  Element has custom battery and signal meters, hidden dock, hidden weather slot and unique date that is amazing.  It runs smooth and fast and looks great with any wallpaper! Rules are pretty simple…Post a comment here on the blog as to why you want Element to rock your berry, and 3 NEW posts on the forums.  It’s that easy!  Winners will be contacted via PM.  Good luck!

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Naturize, the premium version by BGD, feels refreshing on your Blackberry

Feel the essence of the outdoors when you get Naturize, a premium theme  from BerryGlowDesigns.   This theme has a calming, peaceful affect on your Blackberry. The colors are soothing, and the functionality is easy to use so you won’t feel stressed trying to figure out how to use it.   Naturize brings you serenity.   Included is a special feature for Twitter fans so keep reading to find out more…

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Blitz by Raypho is timed just right to strike your Blackberry

I’m back to tell you about yet another new release from one of my favorite developers, Raypho.  This theme is called Blitz, and it certainly feels like your Blackberry has been attacked..but in a good way, mind you!  With the inclusion of 2 ocd slots, hidden dock, and here’s where you will be shell shocked…7 color options on the clock,  there are so many ways you can use this theme.   Get ready to be Blitzed!

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