Namib Theme by Amekmani

Namib Theme QR Code

Bringing the beauty of the Namib Desertin southern Africa to the BlackBerry Smartphone, Namib by Amekmani is now available through BlackBerry App World.  The developer, Oscar Mwanandimai, says, I have lived next to a desert for the past 5 years but I’ve never been there. So I decided to bring a little of its sunshine […]

Emblm Custom Casing for BlackBerry Review


Emblm is a caseless, customized device, made from OEM parts, which is a proprietary customization process that integrates custom colors and high quality graphics.  The process embeds the image / colour directly into the part.  Emblm is currently in the process of a crowd funding campaign to raise $50,000 by October 14th, 2012 to purchase […]

Start the new year right with the fresh look of Element 2012 by Xan


It’s a new year, and time to make changes and resolutions.  Why not start with the new updated version of a classic Xan theme?  Element has been revamped for 2012 with a fresh perspective.  You still have the hidden dock and hidden OCD, but this time you also have the option of hiding the year […]

BlackBerry Torch 10000 shows up in advanced search


The BlackBerry Torch 10000 has shown up on Asurion’s help site. Asurion is an insurance provider for mobile devices and it is very possible that they may have information to future, upcoming BlackBerry devices. What do you think? Is this real? Will BlackBerry use 5 digits to name devices? How close are we to seeing […]

Bell BlackBerry Lineup Leaked: 4 New Phones Coming in August/September!


As we get closer to the release of the new BlackBerry 7 Smart Phones, we are starting to see more and more leaks regarding release dates.  This time the leak comes courtesy of showing information and approximate release dates of the BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9860, and the BlackBerry Curve 9360.  […]

BlackBerry 6 – How Does Your Home Screen Look?

Torch Favorites

I’m a very simple guy and I like to keep some basic apps @ my fingertips. One great thing about BlackBerry 6 is that we can manipulate the number of apps we want to see without having to install a third-party theme. I’ll give you a peak @ my Favorites screen and explain why I […]

Quick Tip: Selecting Multiple Images

Torch Screenshot

There is a simple way to manipulate multiple pictures within your photo albums if you’re using a BlackBerry 6 capable device. If you have a BlackBerry Torch, it’s even easier. Simply tap two photos simultaneously and you’ll get what you see in the image above. Hit your Black Berry button and you’ll have the option […]