AT&T Navigator Common Fixes on the BlackBerryTorch 9800


If you are on the list with others experiencing issues with AT&T Navigator on the BlackBerry Torch 9800, the guys over at Telenav have apologized via blog post,. In an effort to try to resolve these issues, the telenav blog has provided with some common fixes so you can get back up running and navigating.! […]

T-Mobile Gets Curve 3G


Hello members and readers, in recent news, the Curve 9300 aka Curve 3G has been announced by RIM for release on select carriers. We now know that T-Mobile will be getting it. The main issue that I want to address is, why now? I mean, everyone wanted a Curve 8900 with a 3G radio but […]

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Set to Launch soon by T-Mobile

3g curve 9300

Earlier today RIM sent out a press release where they have confirmed the new unannounced BlackBerry that surfaced the web a few months ago. The 9300  will be a member of the Curve line, and will also rep the 3G title. The BlackBerry 9300 should have Curve enthusiast happy because the sporty new BlackBerry has wi-fi along along with […]

TeleNav to be included with U.S. Cellular smartphone Data Plan


    Today, TeleNav announced that it has teamed up with U.S. Cellular to bring turn-by-turn navigation to the carrier’s smartphones. The service powered by TeleNav offers an excellent feature that really comes in handy, the voice-guided directions. Along with that comes 3D maps, speech recognition, more than 12 million business listings, and traffic and weather information. The […]