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RIMM’s Wild Ride: Time to Jump Off?

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (Nasdaq:RIMM, TSX:RIM) has definitely seen its share price in motion through the past couple of years.  That share price has nearly tripled in the past four months, but is this more “irrational exuberance”?  Or did that September low of $6.18/share put an unreasonably low value on the company? Disclaimer: yes, I hold RIM stock.  I followed it down and I’m following it back up.  As well, I’m not a

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Research In Motion Stock Jumps 12 Percent

TORONTO – Shares in Research In Motion were up 12 per cent on Thursday, continuing positive momentum after a National Bank Financial analyst said he was increasing his price target for the BlackBerry maker. Analyst Kris Thompson said he’s boosting his target to $15 per share. “We think there is more money to be made ahead of the 2013 launch of BB10,” Thompson said in a research note.

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RIM Stocks Up, Rumours Start

   Research in Motion’s (RIMM) stock rose today over 5%,  is continuing to climb, and is currently sitting at 14.19 per share, apparently for no reason.  One analyst, Collin Gillis with BGC Partners spoke with Tiernan Ray of Barrons and said “that the proximate cause, as far as he can tell, is discussion that Samsung Electronics is looking to make a minority investment in the company and to develop phones based on RIM’s forthcoming “BBIO” operating system, which RIM is counting on to resuscitate the company’s phone portfolio.”

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Carriers Pushing for a Third Contender? BlackBerry is the Chosen One?

Moving into the coming weeks, the BlackBerry 7 generation lineup should be available to more carriers as devices make their way into operator channels. This means that carriers now have to “push” another brand in BlackBerry so that handsets get sold and consumers subscribe. Certainly, operators are familiar with the BlackBerry brand but since there was a long period without a new device launch, carriers’ emphasis towards pushing BlackBerry was rather diminishing. With the new lineup out and several more to come (Curves), carriers will begin to again promote the BlackBerry brand. But do they want to? With Apple and Android devices practically selling themselves, do carriers want to go through the steps to promote BlackBerry smartphones? The answer is yes, says Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu.  Continue reading for details.

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RIM’s Financial Struggle

A website posted a teaser article about investors finding a way to sell RIM’s stock. I call it a teaser because you have to purchase a subscription to the website to view the rest. The information, though very little, is useful. By looking at the two paragraphs available, anyone who is familiar with stocks could decipher what the rest of this article may be covering. Head to this link for details @

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Legacy Devices

Red Torch 9800 Now in Stock at Orange

The United Kingdom’s website “Dial to Save” has reported that the Red BlackBerry Torch 9800 is now in stock at orange: The Red Blackberry Torch 9800 is available on Orange, and is now confirmed as being in stock. The Blackberry Torch, also available in Black and White, is one of RIM‘s best-selling smartphones, and the first to sport dual input methods. It’s the first Blackberry handset of its kind, sporting a 3.2 inch touchscreen display alongside a slide out QWERTY keyboard, ideal for speedy messaging. It is also the first handset to feature  Blackberry OS6, offering a redesigned interface, multitasking and an all-new web browser. It’s the perfect smartphone for keeping in touch, providing social networking integration, email support and Blackberry Messenger. The Blackberry Torch 9800 also comes equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with video capture, 3G and WiFi connectivity and 8GB of internal memory. The Blackberry Torch 9800 Red is now available to order on pay monthly deals with Orange. Prices start from just £23.94/month, once cashback from 3 months half price line rental has been claimed from a 2 year £25.54/month contract. This deal includes a free handset, 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data. The handset is also available to order on O2, Three and Vodafone. [Source: Dial to Save/UK]

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RIM Stock is UP! UP! UP!

RIM shares rose nearly 2% after Peter Misek at Jefferies & Co upgraded the company from “Hold” to “Buy”.  Misek cites the new operating system with a good web browser, which can run on low end or high end devices which allows for developers to adapt programs made for other gadgets.  He also states that RIM is seeing growth in the international market, and market share loss among business users is not happening as quickly as feared. Source: CB Online

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RIM Stock Up

Now that people have seen some basic functionality of the BlackBerry PlayBook during the Adobe Max event, investor faith in RIM (NASDAQ: RIMM) has increased.  From a close of 51.72 on Monday to a close of 54.76 on Tuesday, RIM saw a good 5% stock increase thanks to the publicity of the functioning PlayBook. It will be interesting to see how the stock does once the PlayBook is available for consumer purchase!

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BBE Contest: Make Your Blackberry a little Sixier!

Two contests in one week, this is a BBE first! (PS, good luck to all those in the QuickLaunch contest!) Up for grabs we have 10 copies of Six 2.0, by WJD Designs. Since it’s release, this has been a very popular theme, and the guys down at WJD just keep making it better. 2.0 brings with it a fresh new look and some well implemented new features. But onto the contest! You know how it goes, guys; Contest Rules: 1. Leave a comment telling us why your BlackBerry needs a makeover, with your username in it! We can’t send you a copy of this awesome theme if we don’t know who you are! 2. Hit the Retweet button to the right of this post. (We keep track of who does it and who doesn’t.) 3. Contest ends Friday, April 30th at 6pm EST Can’t wait to win? Me either. Here’s a Purchase link. Big shout out to WayneD for his help with this contest. Check out the features of the theme after the break.

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