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Scrabble for BlackBerry on Sale for $0.99 USD

Scrabble, the multi-player word game is available for BlackBerry and is also on sale for $0.99 USD. The game features an easy-to-use interface that lets you play alone, challenge the computer or enjoy pass ‘n play with a friend. The app has capabilities to track scores along with game statistics. The BlackBerry version of the classic board game includes: -Flexible difficulty levels -Built-in word list -Dynamic animations -Scrolling and -Full-board views Click here to download for 99 cents from the App World More button for Game photos

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Quest Diagnostics Launches Gazelle Secure Mobile Health Platform for BlackBerry

Quest Diagnostics Introduces Gazelle Secure Mobile Health Platform. Gazelle allows users to see, store and share their vital health information with ease and security while on the go. For instance,, Gazelle allows a patient to easily share up-to-date medical information, including Quest Diagnostics laboratory test results, conveniently by e-mail or fax with physicians or other caregivers. “Quest Diagnostics is committed to empowering patients with the vital information they need in order to take personal responsibility for their health,” said Surya N. Mohapatra, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of Quest Diagnostics. “Gazelle is secure and private, and it helps patients to make meaningful improvements to their health.” Features of Gazelle: An easy way to store and manage health information, including vital statistics, medical history and provider and insurance details; The ability, in 33 states and the District of Columbia, to automatically receive Quest Diagnostics laboratory results; An optional wallet card instructing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel how to access Gazelle in the event of an emergency; A gateway that welcomes new personal health applications from third party providers, including care plans from strategic partner Keas; A highly secure platform provided by mobile transaction pioneer C-SAM. Hit the More button for the Press Release

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Average Teen Sends 3,339 Texts A Month

It’s always cool to see text messaging statistics. Usually, we hear about the fastest texter, or the texter that sends the most, but we rarely hear the average. Nielsen shows that an average teenager will send on average 3,339 texts a month. Nielsen analysed the habits of over 60,000 mobile subscribers and surveyed over 3,000 teenagers during April, May and June 2010. Do you keep track of your text messages? Do you keep track of your son/daughters text massages? How many are you sending monthly? Just imagine if BBM messages were traceable and countable? We’d never finish counting! hah.

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