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Post On Multiple Social Networks With QuickPost for BlackBerry 10

QuickPost for BlackBerry 10 by FeedGuru Apps is now out of beta and available to be downloaded in BlackBerry World. QuickPost allows you to post your content/updates on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, BBM, BBM Channels and more! QuickPost is currently only available for the BlackBerry Z10 device, will come to BlackBerry Q5 and Q10 very soon. Features of QuickPost:

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Polarbear App coming to BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

As we get closer to THE date, developers all around the world have started to reveal their final apps that will be available on BlackBerry 10 at launch. One such developer is Andre Weier from Germany who created Polarbear a multi-social sharing app. Polarbear app lets you post to multiple social networks & blogs at once and I had the opportunity to talk to the creator and hear why everyone should be getting Polarbear.

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Video Review: LinkedIn

Linked In is a very social business tool used by many self-employed, home employed or generally employed people. Corporations use it to bring in new talent while some of us use it as a marketing tool. Mike recently added the “In” button to the page and that gave me the push I needed to join Linked In and publish this article. I’m very connected when it comes to social networks and Linked In is just another site that knows my name & email address. With that being said, I would like use Linked In for much more than another social website.

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FaceBook on the PlayBook: The App Vs. The Browser

Social media and networking has become an integral part of our daily lives. Applications have quickly become a quick, easy, and streamline way to access something specific whether it be a game, a news subscription, Youtube player, etc. A highlight of the BlackBerry PlayBook is surfing the “web without limits” so when I first started to use the PlayBook, I realized that the “lack” of apps at launch really wasn’t a big deal. Why? Because it was all on the web. Did I need a NetFlix app? No, I could just go to and the same with many other sites. Sure, if there was an app, it be a lot easier to get to. In essence, using an app is like cutting out the middleman, whoever that may be. Now back to the original subject, FaceBook.

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GetGlue for BlackBerry App Review

  GetGlue has been around since 2009, and has brought about a different kind of social interaction.  Users can check in to movies, music, books, tv shows, video games as well as allow others to know what music they are listening to, or what topic they may be thinking about.   They can have conversations with others about the subject matter they are checking into, reply and be notified, thereby enabling some real conversation about whatever it is the user decides to chat about.  Users are also able to rate all these topics, as well as vote on what others are saying.

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Partners Already Developing for BBM Social Platform

On Monday, RIM announced the all new BBM Social Platform. If you’re uncertain as to what this brings to the table, well this is RIMs attempt to join the Social Network. Sure RIM plays a big part in Social networking already. They have a Twitter for bb app, and they even have third party apps to help you connect with your favorite third party social networks. One thing however, is RIM has not incorporated their social networking platform, up until now. Hit the More button for features and a video >>>

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