BlackBerry Torch 10000 shows up in advanced search


The BlackBerry Torch 10000 has shown up on Asurion’s help site. Asurion is an insurance provider for mobile devices and it is very possible that they may have information to future, upcoming BlackBerry devices. What do you think? Is this real? Will BlackBerry use 5 digits to name devices? How close are we to seeing […]

Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap Leaked includes Monoco and Bold Touch

Sprint Logo

Rumor reports state: BlackBerry Bold Touch: This ‘Berry has appeared once before in a leaked Sprint inventory sheet. We have seen this device all over as well as the Blackberry website and being pushed back it is nice to hear some reassuring news. BlackBerry Monaco: Also appeared on a Sprint inventory sheet, and should be […]

Rumor: Research In Motion Has A Hiring Freeze


Research In Motion currently has “a hiring freeze, or selective staffing,” according to a source familiar with the company. According to Business Insider that particular source is a valid one, whom also predicted COO Don Morrison would be leaving the company in the next few weeks.we spoke last week but weren’t able to verify that until […]