The BlackBerry Z3: The budget conscious treat for BlackBerry fans all around


The BlackBerry Z3 was announced in February at MWC 2014 and released a couple of months later. The device was specifically released in Indonesia first, followed by a number of countries later on, all within the Asian continent. For the past week, I’ve had the privilege to use and review the BlackBerry Z3. In this […]

Review: BlackBerry Q10 Commuter Series Case by OtterBox


The BlackBerry Q10 Commuter Series case is what we got right here, this series has always been my favorite from OtterBox as it offers full protection without that bulk that the Defender Series gives you. The Commuter Series case for BlackBerry Q10 is the stylish protective option from OtterBox for your highly connected and always-on […]

Review: Incipio DualPro Case For The BlackBerry Z10


For the last week, I have been sporting this sharp looking case from Incipio, the DualPro in neon yellow and gray. I have to say that this little case has caused a bit of a stir among my family and friends! Considering I have 7 BlackBerry Z10 cases (to date) I am going into this […]

Incipio BlackBerry Z10 OVRMLD Case w/Holster Review


Just before the turn of the new millenia the South Californian designer/manufacturer Incipio had begun establishing their roots. With innovative new design standards–keeping pace with price conscious consumers and the latest trends of the mobile world, Incipio rose to become a powerful brand with a sharp identity and design aesthetic.

Initial Review of Leaked BlackBerry Z10 OS

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Yesterday a new BlackBerry Z10 OS leak was introduced to the masses OS Having done hybrid and leaked OS builds since my first BlackBerry (the Storm), I have jumped at every chance to try a new build, and this was no different. My device is on the Verizon network, and as such I had […]

Review: Noreve Handcrafted BlackBerry Z10 Leather Cases


Noreve specializes in high end-high quality leather cases for mobile devices. Ranging from smartphones  laptops, cameras, tablets and more. Their hand crafted cases are manufactured in Saint Tropez, South Eastern France a little ways from Marseilles on the Mediterranean. They have a unique design aesthetic across a range of different leathers.

Review: BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker


Just received my BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker yesterday, the mini stereo speaker is a portable speakerphone that lets you play music/sounds on the go at a higher level with enhanced audio. The BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker comes in at a price tag of $99.99, is it worth it? Lets find out.

Review: BlackBerry LS-1 Battery Charger Bundle – The second most important acccesory

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Friday started out well when a small package was dropped off in my mailbox.  Inside, the padded envelope contained a small BlackBerry branded box, was the BlackBerry LS-1 Battery Charging Bundle. You can see from the picture next to the Z10 how small the box is.  When you open it inside you find two smaller […]

Review: BlackBerry Premium In-Vehicle Charger – MicroUSB Car Charger


While ordering parts and mods for my project car (Mitsu 3000GT) and reading up on BlackBerry news I managed to snag me a mobile car charger to go along with the car.  I could have went any route and ordered a cheap, low quality one off Amazon but coming across the BlackBerry Premium In-Vehicle charger […]