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New BlackBerry Curve 800Mhz CPU? Specs and Picture Leaked!

BGR has reported that an all new Curve refresh is in the works. Another refresh? Yeah, this better be something good. Accordign to reports, the new Curve is loaded with a 480×360 display along with a slew of other upgrades. More importantly, it has an 800Mhz CPU!. Bold models have traditionally packed a bigger punch in comapirson to Curve models, so it will be very interesting to see what the new Bold comes with. Another thing on this refreshed Curve is that it’s rumored to launch with Tri-Band UMTS/HSPA which so reaching 7.2Mbps will be possible on a BlackBerry smartphone. More button for the specs

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T-Mobile Gets Curve 3G

Hello members and readers, in recent news, the Curve 9300 aka Curve 3G has been announced by RIM for release on select carriers. We now know that T-Mobile will be getting it. The main issue that I want to address is, why now? I mean, everyone wanted a Curve 8900 with a 3G radio but how much good will it do for the market and users now? How much of an impact will this have on the consumer side, as well as the business side dealing with profits and all? Sure it’s specs will be better and being that it’s newer, it should operate better than the Bold, but, I just think it’s a little too late. Now is not the time for this. Curve 8900 fans everywhere will grab the 9300 over the 9700 but what will happen when the 9780 is released soon after? There is a small issue with product release up at RIM and I think they need to clean it up and move forward. Let the 9300 and 9780 be the last of their kind. Let’s take the Torch the Bold and the Curve to greater heights. Maybe I’m just ranting. I don’t know anymore. Let me know what you think. This subject really pulls on my chin hair and I want it to stop. Enjoy your BlackBerry tho, whatever the case may be. Rumor also has it that the Curve 9300 will get a CDMA version(9330) that’s predicted for VZW. This supports all notions of the Curve being a known staple in the BB community. 3G Curves are the future. How about a touch screen?” hmmmm For more info regarding the new 9300, visit

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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Set to Launch soon by T-Mobile

Earlier today RIM sent out a press release where they have confirmed the new unannounced BlackBerry that surfaced the web a few months ago. The 9300  will be a member of the Curve line, and will also rep the 3G title. The BlackBerry 9300 should have Curve enthusiast happy because the sporty new BlackBerry has wi-fi along along with support for high-speed 3G (HSDPA) networks around the world. Media control keys will be on top of the device, so when you’re out getting your exercise or just jamming out, you can conveniently control all of your music. The 9300 is currently running on OS 5.0, but it states that is supports OS6. Tmobile is one of the carriers interested in the new Curve 3G. They have let BR know that the BlackBerry Curve 3G is anticipated to be available in the coming weeks at T-Mobile retail stores, select dealers and online at They will be offering the Curve 3G in two colors. A smoky violet and graphite grey. Which color would you get? Continue Reading for Phone Specs >>>

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