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Review: BlackBerry Q10 Commuter Series Case by OtterBox

The BlackBerry Q10 Commuter Series case is what we got right here, this series has always been my favorite from OtterBox as it offers full protection without that bulk that the Defender Series gives you. The Commuter Series case for BlackBerry Q10 is the stylish protective option from OtterBox for your highly connected and always-on lifestyle. The outer plastic layer is highly protective and keeps the device safe from drops and bumps and slides easily in and out of your pocket, the inner rubber layer offers added support from shock and the self-adhering screen protector guards your screen from scratches and smudges. All together, this slim and sleek — yet highly protective — case is a great protective solution for this incredible device.

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OtterBox Defender for Z10

Review: OtterBox Defender Case for BlackBerry Z10

OtterBox is a household name in the world of phone cases. Anyone looking to protect their phone as much as possible is almost certainly going to consider a case from OtterBox. Luckily for Z10 owners, they’ve made a Defender series case for the Z10. But can this case live up to its name, or has OtterBox dropped the ball with this one? I spent the last week with the Defender to find out.

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OtterBox Defender Case for BlackBerry Z10 Now Available

Otterbox has released their Defender series case for the BlackBerry Z10 device, this specific series adds a bit of bulk but max protection at the same time. Per Otterbox: The Defender Series BlackBerry Z10 case is built to stand up to the constant use and abuse it’s sure to get. Made for random mishaps and heavy use the multi-layered design of the Defender Series makes it practically indestructible. Built with

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CASE REVIEW: Otterbox Commuter Series for BlackBerry Bold 9900

Since I’ve had my BlackBerry Bold 9900,  never have I had my device protected with a case. Reason being I have yet to run into a case that is stylish, offers great protection, all while being a comfortable fit with my hands.  Well the search is over, cause the OtterBox Commuter Series for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is exactly what I was looking for. BlackBerry Empire and OtterBox partnered to bring you an up close look at the Commuter series for BlackBerry Bold 9900. Continue to read for full review.

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From the forum: OtterBox Commuter Series for 9900/9930 Review with pictures

BlackBerry Empire forum member LSglock89 provides us with a  OtterBox Commuter Series for 9900/9930 review I received my BlackBerry Bold 9930 from Verizon the other day and I must say I am happy to be back in a BlackBerry. As much as I like to “rock phones naked” I find myself requiring some protection. The OtterBox Series is always a been my go to case, (Commuter on my 9650, Defender on my iPhone 4) and now the Commuter on my 9930. Let me first say that this is a PAIN to put on. It took a lot of patience to get the plastic shell around the silicone case. The buttons and ports all line up great and it makes for pressing the “Lock” key very easy. The added bulk is minimal and it actually makes it feel even better in my hand, it will not fit in the BlackBerry Holster. (I believe that has been mentioned previously.) And I have not noticed any interference with the LED flash on the camera. On to the pictures:

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OtterBox Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook

View in Mobile If there’s one thing we know about BlackBerry, is that they love to give us options. As a BlackBerry owner, I also like having those options when it comes to accessories. One could go crazy and probably change the accessories on your devices just as you change outfits, on a daily basis. I use accessories with a purpose. I had two cases. A gel case that I would use when I was home and the BlackBerry convertible case when I would go out. However, as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, father of a one year old boy and an uncle, with four nieces (all under the age of four), I needed something that would ensure the survival of the PlayBook. This is when I looked to the OtterBox Defender series case for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The video above is an unboxing of the product along with the assembly which was quite easy. One thing I’d like to add after the fact is that the power button is hard to hit. However, with the OtterBox case, it made it quite easy to toggle on and off. Hope you enjoy the video. What’s your favorite accessory for the BlackBerry PlayBook? And/or what would you like to see? Share your comments below. Extra Links:

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Full Hands-On Review: OtterBox BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case

As some of you may already know, I recently did a post over the all new OtterBox BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case. Well the outstanding team over at OtterBox decided to grant us the pleasure of having an actual case for a full, maxed out, 360 hands on review. As part of the Built for BlackBerry accessories program, RIM and OtterBox have successfully managed to build a case that will have your new PlayBook fully covered! This multi-layer case is the ultimate defense against heavy drops, bumps, shocks, scratches and dust!

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Torch 9800 OtterBox Commuter Series Case Review

What’s up it’s your boy tayjones13 and I’ll be doing a review of the Otterbox commuter series for the Torch 9800. OtterBox holds a prestigious name within the phone case society. I love cases and always want the latest and greatest. I bought this when I bought the phone so I would not hurt my new torch. Let’s dive in and I’ll tell you what I think of this case. This case is great for protection. This case is similar to most slider cases where you have two pieces. You have your back that is a hard plastic with a removable silicone liner. This is to absorb the shock, it seemed to do its job just fine. Then the front is just a plastic liner of the screen to give it lay on the table design. Now that you know how it looks I’ll let you know how effective of a case it was with me. You can drop it from any reasonable distance and it will absorb the entire blow. Since the front of the torch slides the front casing pops on and off. When it falls the front will most likely pop off so make sure you pick it up. I was in New York and dropped it and I lost my front cover… sad day.

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