Official OS for the Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Torch 9800 from Bell


Official OS6 Update for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 & the BlackBerry Bold 9700 released from Bell Canada today.   This is an official release of  If you are on another carrier, click more to find out how to upgrade your phone.

Free Solitaire for BlackBerry


If you love playing Solitaire on your PC or with real cards, you’ll love Solitaire for BlackBerry. The game is free and supports os6, so everyone is welcome Solitaire is the most popular card game in the world. In Solitaire, the player attempts to sort a 52 card deck by suit and in order into […]

OS Review


Earlier this week (Monday to be exact) an unofficial version of OS 6 was leaked on to the net for the Torch 9800. Out of the box the 9800 came with version OS Only 3 days after the device’s launch the beta started hitting thousands of 9800 devices. Personally I had very high hopes […]

Torch 9800 First Week Review

Connections Drop Menu

TORCH 9800 FIRST WEEK REVIEW Unless you have been living under a rock (or an iPhone 4) for the past week, you very well know that Research In Motion released their new OS6 on their new device the Torch 9800 on August 12th.  Some of you may not have had the chance to own/play with […]

BlackBerry 9800 Flaunts Startup, Graphics and More!! Exclusive Vid!

Salomondrin is at it again, this time he collaborated with Terrible Bean and they have brought us another exclusive look at BlackBerry 6 using the BlackBerry 9800 Slider/Torch. Don’t you just love how responsive the touch is on this smartphone? The Frequent, and Favorites tab look very compelling, i’m sure it won’t take long to get everything adjusted in order. I […]

Unconfirmed BlackBerry 9800 Release Date! Rumor!


For months already we have been teased by the BlackBerry 9800 Slider/Torch model. It has popped up on several sites, and left us BlackBerry users more at ease knowing the interface has been brushed up, and a new progressive Operating System has been added. We have seen video rundowns of the device from the hardware to […]

Webkit Browser and OS6 Video Rundown

We just got a hold of some great footage provided by Salomondrin. He has posted 3 new videos of the new BlackBerry WebKit browser running the acid 3 test comparison. He also compares the older BlackBerry browser next to the iphone and Android Browser. Overall, the vids provide great insight on the new Browser. One of the […]

More BlackBerry OS 6 Video footage

RIM has come out this morning on fire. First BlackBerry Protect, now this. RIM has released more video footage of the features of BlackBerry (OS) 6. According to RIM’s official blog, BlackBerry 6 is still scheduled to be released this summer!  The new UI is smooth, and the touch looks very promising and responsive. The search feature […]