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BlackBerry and Neil Gaiman Launch Final Outcome of Keep Moving Project: “A Calendar of Tales”

For all of you that have been following the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project with Neal Gaiman we have some great news for you. BlackBerry and Neil have launched the final outcome of the “A Calender of Tales” Project. This has been a great project and I have truly enjoyed each of the 12 short stories that came from this joint venture between BlackBerry and Neil. This project as well as the ones with Alicia Keys and Robert Rodriguez have all been great.

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Neil Gaiman Keep Moving Project: Phase II

  In line with the launch of BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project was created to show that when the right people and the right technology come together, amazing things can happen. Author Neil Gaiman is part of the initiative and has kicked off Phase II of his Keep Moving Project this week. Over the past two weeks Neil used his BlackBerry Z10 smartphone to engage with fans to get the inspiration for 12 short stories he has written and recorded. The “Calendar of Tales” representing each calendar month has resulted in some interesting themes, including: 

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