Google’s Eric Schmidt Admits He Loves His BlackBerry – Get This Man A Q10!


Google is currently the proud company behind the world’s most popular smartphone platform – Android. So it would stand to reason that Google’s executives would proudly display the latest Android flagships wherever they go. But Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, recently admitted that he actually uses a BlackBerry and loves it.

How to add a Facebook search engine to your BlackBerry OS7.1 browser


So I just thought I would give you a lil tutorial on how to search for people, pages, events or groups on Facebook using your BlackBerry browser. Why? Well I like to believe that Facebook search is a social search engine and if you wanna look for somebody that’s the one place to find them. […]

Best Free Cloud Services That Sync Between the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Smartphone, and PC

files and folders

Emailing documents or pictures used to be the only option that people would have to share files, the negative part of this was that there was no simple way for a document to be updated, and users were at the mercy of size limits that could be emailed. The future of computing has moved towards […]