GVoice – Unofficial Google Voice for BlackBerry PlayBook updates to v1.0.6


GVoice unofficial Google Voice for BlackBerry PlayBook updates to version 1.0.6. GVoice is the premiere Google Voice application for webOS tablets and phones, and is now available at a special introductory price on your RIM PlayBook! Harness the power of the Google Voice service to send and receive SMS text messages, forward incoming and outgoing […]

Integrated Google Voice Experience Announced on All Sprint Phones

g voice sprint

Today, Google and Sprint announced that Sprint customers will soon be able to turn their Sprint phone numbers into full-service Google Voice numbers, integrating all the services without having to port them or take on a second phone number, Google Voice requires most users  to-do so. Also, Google and Sprint will be pushing the integration […]

Google Voice Updated to v0.2.0.3


Our friend @Luckyone49 has also taken notice that Google Voice has been updated to v0.2.0.3. I installed it already, and I don’t notice anything new.This app is great. If you don’t want to give out your personal number, use Google Voice as an alternate line of communication. The best part is that it’s free. To […]

Google Voice Gets Updated to v2.0.2.- Quicker Dialing Plus Notification Icon

google voice

  Today, Google updated their Google Voice app to v0.2.0.2. I have had this app since last summer, and no major updates have been added. I do use my Google Voice number often, so i’m hoping the app got some good attention. It is barely installing on my end, so I can’t provide you with any feedback […]

Google Voice Now Open for Everyone- Free Invites!


Google Voice has got to be one of Google’s most coolest applications. A while back Google Voice was accessed by via invite from someone, which was free of course, but ultimateley the odds on finding someone with a free invite to spare was pretty tough. Well Google has just made Google Voice free for everyone and it is now open for all […]

Google Voice updated to 0.1.6


Google Voice for blackberry got updated to 0.1.6 from which was released 2 weeks ago. I was really exited about it and was hoping to see big changes, just to find out that changes are very minor and almost hardly noticeable, maybe it runs a liitle faster. Well you can find out yourself.To download […]