All BlackBerry Z10 Apps Will Work With Z30


Great news for developers, all BlackBerry Z10 apps will work with the new BlackBerry Z30, better yet BlackBerry will automatically add support for them via the vendor portal. The apps will work, however with the larger screen size minor UI tweaks might have to be made. For your added convenience, we have automatically expanded your […]

Built for BlackBerry Reintroduced to the Developer Community

Built for BlackBerry

BlackBerry has re-launched its Built for BlackBerry program to provide developers with a more simple and clear path to achieving Built for BlackBerry status, a designation that tells consumers that a BlackBerry app delivers the signature BlackBerry 10 experience. The revitalized Built for BlackBerry program is part of an effort to ensure that BlackBerry World […]

BlackBerry OS Developer SDK Now Available for BlackBerry 10 Devices

BlackBerry 10.2

Developer Beta OS is now available for BlackBerry 10 devices, with the BlackBerry 10.2 Gold SDK scheduled to be released later today at the virtual event, the dev team at BlackBerry pushed our this development OS a little earlier. If you are brave enough to download and test this OS version then feel […]

Virtual BlackBerry Jam Direct Conference for Gaming Developers

BlackBerry Jam Direct

BlackBerry has gone virtual with BlackBerry Jam Direct for developers to meet up online in an interactive virtual event that will be dedicated to gaming developers and any other developers who wish to join. Members of the worldwide BlackBerry developer community who attend will experience a unique live video feed that enables them to both […]

BlackBerry Developers Can Now login To The Vendor Portal Using Their BlackBerry ID


Last week we let all you developers out there know that beginning April 15th you would be able to start using your BlackBerry ID to sign into the vendor portal. Well we just received an e-mail from BlackBerry letting us know that it is now possible to use the same BlackBerry ID for both accounts.