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T-Mobile Has Began Training Their Employees For The BlackBerry Z10

Here’s some great news that shows T-Mobile is getting much closer to releasing the BlackBerry Z10 to ALL of their customers. Today we have received some images of the employee training program that each one of them must complete to start selling the Z10 to customers. From the images that I have seen it looks like T-Mobile and BlackBerry are touching on pretty much everything a customer may have questions about which is good for all the people that may still need answers.

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T-Mobile Itching For BlackBerry Z10 Release

Seems like everyone including carriers in the United States are very excited for the BlackBerry Z10 to launch on all major carriers, some reports are saying that AT&T’s BlackBerry Z10 devices are sold out, I wouldn’t doubt it, however those are just rumors for now. T-Mobile has posted the BlackBerry Z10 coming soon on their website and even tease us with their latest tweet showing the evolution of BlackBerry. Check out their latest tweet and see the Z10 on the T-Mobile page.

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BlackBerry Partner Makes Largest Ever Single Purchase In Company’s History – One Million BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

For those of you worried about the sales of BlackBerry 10, it looks like BlackBerry has just received a huge boost to them – an undisclosed partner has placed the largest ever single purchase BlackBerry has ever received, by ordering one million BlackBerry 10 smartphones. That’s a whole lot of lucky employees! Not much details have been revealed around the transaction, but shipments begin immediately so it’s probably safe to assume that most of the phones will end up being Z10’s, with the Q10 still awaiting prime time. You can read BlackBerry’s press release after the jump.

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AT&T Rolls Out Software Update For The BlackBerry Z10 To v10.0.10.88

Earlier today we let everyone know that AT&T will launch the BlackBerry Z10 on March 22nd with the pre-sales beginning tomorrow. Well we have word that today AT&T has began rolling out a software update to version for the Z10. So far we haven’t seen any type of change log with this update so if you see anything new make sure to sound off in the comments and let us know.

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