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Native BBM Coming to BlackBerry PlayBook, Will Support BBM Voice & Video Chat

Looks like RIM listened to it’s users, BlackBerry Bridge is indeed a great way to have BBM on your PlayBook, but as this rumor and screenshot hits the web, it seems like native BBM will be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook next month in the next BlackBerry 10 OS update. Check out the screenshot below showing native BBM on the PlayBook:

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Get a BlackBerry PlayBook Mini Keyboard w/Convertible Case for only $37!

You heard that right! A BlackBerry PlayBook mini keyboard with a convertible case for only $37.90, that gives you a whopping 68% percent off from the normal $119.99 price rate! This is definitely a steal for all your PlayBook users. With an ultra compact design, multi-touch control and 30-day charge, it won’t quit until you do. See 100% of your screen while you write long

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Best Free Cloud Services That Sync Between the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Smartphone, and PC

Emailing documents or pictures used to be the only option that people would have to share files, the negative part of this was that there was no simple way for a document to be updated, and users were at the mercy of size limits that could be emailed. The future of computing has moved towards cloud based services, which allows users to store files in a central cloud server, where these files are accessible anywhere by anyone that is permitted access.  Users can access these files, and collaborate with others on documents or projects on either a PC, Mac, tablet or phone. The BlackBerry PlayBook is an ideal device to take advantage of cloud based services, due to it’s high security features, (such as full device encryption with update to the OS 2.1) ease of use, portability, and rich native features such as Docs to Go.  BlackBerry Smartphones also have these features, so all files are easily edited safely and securely without the need to store these documents on the device. The one issue that users may find with the PlayBook or BlackBerry phone, is that several available apps only enable sharing of files to work on one or two devices, such as PC to phone, PC to PlayBook or PlayBook to Phone via BlackBerry Bridge.  This also does not allow for collaboration, as those files are still accessible only on the devices hard drives.

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Study finds BlackBerry PlayBook competitively secure for BYOD

In today’s Bring Your Own Device phenomenon that saw a shift in the preferred mobile platform for enterprise, BlackBerry fell from once being the obvious choice to being the least favorite option. Despite this, BlackBerry maintained security at its core and even though media has discarded the PlayBook as a non-factor in the tablet industry a recent study by Context Information Security shows that the PlayBook IS good for something.

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1.0.1032 Now Officially Available For Download

At last, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has updated to version officially. It has been a while since we last received PlayBook OS 2.0, RIM has had the OS 2.1 in beta status for quite some time. For those that were registered via the beta or non-beta users we encourage you all to download this updated OS. Keep checking the site for a detailed/updated change log. Changes in OS 2.1 include:

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