Morph by GrayMatterThemes: The Last Theme You May Ever Need to Own/Chances to Win one of 15 copies coming up!


Theme Review by Hamster and JayDee Every theme we buy and download to our Berries offers something different  from the last. For some, its a hidden dock, or mini icons, or two, or even three OCD slots. Some allow you to change the banner colors on your home screen to match the wallpaper of your […]

Al3azim has Bridged the Way to A Better BlackBerry Theme

Bridged by Al3azim with user selected wallpaper

Hello again theme mavens! When ‘ole JayDee first started here at BBE she wanted to write about things with which she was comfortable. And naturally, that lead to a theme by Al3azim because JayDee is well acquainted with all of Al3azim’s dozen or so themes. Well, hold on to your hats! Here comes another FREE […]

Feb Distimo Report Shows BlackBerry Users Pay for Facebook Chat

bb distimo april app

While going over the February issue of Distimo’s App analytic report, I noticed something in the BlackBerry App world, particularly, in the “top paid apps section.” If you look at the image above, Facebook chat makes the top 10 list twice. One version by Bare Apps and the other by Shendz. This tells us that BlackBerry users […]

PlayBook Replica Theme ‘Go Play’ for BlackBerry OS6 devices

pb replica theme bb6

The group over at Hedone Design have wasted no time in taking advantage of the new ThemeStudio 6.0 that was released last week. Over at their site are a few themes that are downloadable using other BlackBerry 6 OS equipped devices and here is one for you BBE readers. The theme is ‘GoPlay‘, a replica PlayBook tablet […]

Video Review -XIMAD Jokes For ALL Occasions


Hello to the community!!! It’s a beautiful day in Pensacola, Florida and I want to make sure you can have as good a day that I am. The only way for me to do so is by sending you to our Youtube channel for an interesting set of videos by XIMAD Inc. They write awesome […]

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Leaked OS

Very early this morning, leak for the Bold 9650 was discovered in the depths of information super highway. If you’d like to obtain this file, here’s the download link: Hotfile Megaupload If you need help with putting this OS on your device, follow this video. The OS used in this video is for a 9700 […]