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Feb Distimo Report Shows BlackBerry Users Pay for Facebook Chat

While going over the February issue of Distimo’s App analytic report, I noticed something in the BlackBerry App world, particularly, in the “top paid apps section.” If you look at the image above, Facebook chat makes the top 10 list twice. One version by Bare Apps and the other by Shendz. This tells us that BlackBerry users are willing to shell out the cash for a nice facebook chat app. Continue for More >> 

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Themes & Reviews

PlayBook Replica Theme ‘Go Play’ for BlackBerry OS6 devices

The group over at Hedone Design have wasted no time in taking advantage of the new ThemeStudio 6.0 that was released last week. Over at their site are a few themes that are downloadable using other BlackBerry 6 OS equipped devices and here is one for you BBE readers. The theme is ‘GoPlay‘, a replica PlayBook tablet theme. More button for download. Razor-sharp lines and clean, fluid movement is the key to making such a theme work well. You will notice the inherent complexity of everything available to you with the subtle movement of your trackball/trackpad. Elegant, graceful, swift and powerful. This is as close as it gets.

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BlackBerry Apps

Video Review -XIMAD Jokes For ALL Occasions

Hello to the community!!! It’s a beautiful day in Pensacola, Florida and I want to make sure you can have as good a day that I am. The only way for me to do so is by sending you to our Youtube channel for an interesting set of videos by XIMAD Inc. They write awesome applications for different platforms and I took the time to review some of them for you. This series of applications is named “Jokes For All Occasions”. They really have jokes for hours and I’ve had my share of laughs while recording the reviews. Hit the more button if you’re interested in some really good jokes.

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Legacy DevicesOperating System (OS)

BlackBerry Bold 9650 Leaked OS

Very early this morning, leak for the Bold 9650 was discovered in the depths of information super highway. If you’d like to obtain this file, here’s the download link: Hotfile Megaupload If you need help with putting this OS on your device, follow this video. The OS used in this video is for a 9700 but the steps are the same for ALL BlackBerry devices; ignore deleting the file net_rim_theme_tmobile file and you’ll good to go. Be advised, BlackBerry Empire is not responsible for anything thats happens to your device. If any problems occur, refer to this post or comment on the video and we’ll assist you as quickly as possible. Enjoy the leak.

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Operating System (OS)Reviews

BlackBerry 6 Defined Part 1

There was a time, recently, when people thought the BlackBerry would die off because of how ‘archaic’ the operating system versions 4.5-5.0 were and are still today. What people  have failed to realize, is that Research In Motion would not go quietly into the night. They sold millions of devices and the average person who wants a smart-BlackBerry 6 phone doesn’t want to pay too much for it. It has to work well and be good to the pockets. This defines what a Blackberry is and has been for a long time. An easy to operate device with a good price goes a long way. Today, we know the BlackBerry won’t just fall off the face of the earth. Reason being, RIM sells many devices and the BlackBerry 6 operating system is what we all want it to be. It was a huge leap from the OS 5.0 and continues to grow as more carriers release official versions. I wont throw the QNX Software in the post because we don’t know when it will hit devices. Now, why is BlackBerry 6 doing so well? Hit the more button to find out.

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BlackBerry Developer Tools 6.1

Earlier today at the first General Session Keynote at DEVCON Asia 2011, Tyler Lessard, VP of Global Alliances and Developer Relations for RIM, announced the upcoming BlackBerry 6.1 Application Platform. According to the photo as, the new BlackBerry Developer Tools 6.1 should be available for download soon.  Developers will be able to take advantage of new tools and APIs which include: Magnetometer / Digital compass APIs Open GL-ES 2.0 Window API (overlay native app surfaces) Event-based geo-fencing location APIs Enhancement to barcode API’s for additional formats and custom decoding and More Source CB

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verizon blackberry software update
Operating System (OS)

Verizon Wireless to Release Official BlackBerry 6 OS on Jan 19th

Not too long ago Sprint officially released BlackBerry 6 OS for their CDMA Bold 9650. Well it looks like Verizon Wireless is next. According to this internal photo obtained by the guys over at Android Central, Verizon will update several of its devices as soon as this month. In the list above are a few BB models that will receive an update. Both the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G will receive , most likely BlackBerry 6 on January 19th of this year. Also, the elder Curve 8330 World edition is also set to be updated this month. No date has been said, nor the software that will be released for the 8330. As far as I can remember, the last OS update that was out for elder Curves was OS Keep your batteries charged folks, it looks like another official BB6 is coming to a BlackBerry near you. via Android Central

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Legacy DevicesOperating System (OS)Reviews

Bold 9700 OS Leak Review & Instructions

Hello, Hello! Donta here with more coverage on the leak. Thanks to John yesterday, we were able to get a working link for download.  If that fails over time, I’ll provide you with another. In this video, I quickly mention what may have been fixed in this release and I also explain EXACTLY how to get the OS on your device. Remember to Watch the video first before attempting the installation process. *We are NOT responsible for any issues with your device. If you need additional help, contact me via BBM through this video or hit the forum. More button for the vid

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bb6 notification video review

BlackBerry 6 Notifications Bar Video Review

Hello BBE community and visitors! I have recorded a review, yes another video, of the BB6 notifications system. It’s a mid length review so you won’t be watching it forever. I thought it would be necessary to record this for those consumers who haven’t the slightest idea what’s happening in that little tab. Hit the more button, watch the video and share it with the world.

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Crunch sms
BlackBerry Apps

CrunchSMS Updated to v2.19 Adding 5 New Features

CrunchSMS is an iphone like, chat style bubble SMS conversations App for BlackBerry.This app also breaks up messages in 160 character chunks for CDMA networks which is a nice incentive. Also included, the ability to support contact pictures along with smileys and signatures. They have updated again, this time to v2.19. They have added around 5 new features such as added a passcode lock feature, so you can keep people from seeing your texts. Prevent unwanted parties from going through your messages. You can pick up CrunchSMS for free and also purchase a paid version for $4.99 You can pick up the 2.19 update available at this link. Crunch SMS is also available in the app world, App World. Check below for the new features in te new version.

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So What on Earth Is This Thing??

I’ve been confused all day and now I’m confused even more. At the crack of dawn, BR posted a pic of what ‘would be’ a Storm 3 concept. After a full day of excitement, I head over to BGR to scope out some NON-BlackBerry related material and to my surprise, an exclusive BlackBerry article is gleaming in face. As I look at the photo, it’s clearly the same photo that was sent to Ronen, only come to find out, that device is NOT the Storm 3, I repeat myself once again, the device in the photo, is not the Storm 3. Hit the More button to read what this BlackBerry is >>>

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Sprint Bringing BlackBerry Curve 3G Soon

A new Curve is coming to Sprint, yes it’s official. RIM and Sprint announced the new Curve 3G will be arriving on Sept. 26 online and then a follow up on October 10th for everyone else.The BlackBerry curve 3G is set to be priced at $49.99 after a $100 mail in rebate. Come 2011,  BlackBerry 6 is scheduled to be released for the device, so there is always that incentive to pick up one of these. BlackBerry Curve 3G Features — Convenient trackpad interface with full QWERTY keyboar — 2.0 MP camera with support for video recording — Dedicated media keys to play, pause and skip songs — Wi-Fi(R): 802-11 B/G and GPS — Visual Voicemail — 512MB Flash memory plus a MicroSD/SDHC slot for up to 32GB of media storage, 2GB card included Hit the More button for the full press release, and more Pics >>>

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Theme studio

Sneak Peek at BlackBerry 6 Theme Studio

One of our forum members, @Luckyone49 told me the biggest problem he has right now is the lack of Theme for his brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800. He wishes he had the ability to install a kickass Theme for the new Torch, problem is, no Themes are available yet for BlackBerry 6. Well the guys over at BBLeaks have released a screen shot of the new Theme Studio that will be used in the production of Themes for BlackBerry 6 devices. Word has it that the new Theme builder should released sometime around DevCon 2010 with an official name. Be on the lookout for more on the new Theme builder to keep your 6 device hot with the latest Themes.

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Bold 9780
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More BlackBerry Bold 9780 Pics with Short Video

When it comes to the Torch I am sort of reluctant to make the swap from my Bold 9700. Not because of the touch, I can adapt. Fact is i’m not a fan of the slider phone. Even after i’ve read countless reviews from actual Torch owners, who say it just as good, if not a little better than the the Bold 9700 QWERTY keyboard. Still, i’m not drawn to it. I was pleased when it was discovered that OS6 was running on a 9700. I said to myself, well looks like I will not be upgrading devices soon, until I saw a tweet from @DonLuiG from the informative BR team. Luis got some great photos as well as a short video of the new unreleased BlackBerry Bold 9780 running BB6. Looks like GSM carriers will be selling this new smartphone. I hope I see it on T-Mobile, soon. I wouldn’t mind upgrading to the 9780. What do you’all think? Click here to view in Mobile

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