Why Can’t They Get Along


Let us all remember when the iPhone hype made every non-Apple smartphone producer shake in fear. Showing off at the Academy Awards with the latent support of Holywood,Apple rolled in its baby: the iPhone. Although we all loved the pinching and the swapping and so forth some of us who were smart enough saw that […]

The RIM and Kodak Court Battle Is Not Over


I reported not long ago that RIM and Kodak were fighting in court over a patent which allows to preview digital images using less processing power and storage space. According to Kodak, RIM and Apple must fork over $1 billion in licensing fees or else. Apple and RIM denied infringing the patent and argued it was […]

Major Competitors & Smartphone Management


In this post, I’ll be explaining the methods that smartphone software and hardware manufacturers take in order to implement new devices and operating system changes. I’ll also point out the pros and cons of these methods what they mean to the user. Read on if this interests you…

Feb Distimo Report Shows BlackBerry Users Pay for Facebook Chat

bb distimo april app

While going over the February issue of Distimo’s App analytic report, I noticed something in the BlackBerry App world, particularly, in the “top paid apps section.” If you look at the image above, Facebook chat makes the top 10 list twice. One version by Bare Apps and the other by Shendz. This tells us that BlackBerry users […]

BlackBerry App World Beats Android and Nokia App

app world

In a recent IHS report stating that while Apple is still wiping the floor with the rest of the mobile market in application market sales, BlackBerry is in second placeovertaking both Android and Nokia. The battle for younger users is still between the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones, these figures show that iPhone users buy and download […]

Invalid Patent Claim Against RIM


More legal battles for RIM here. According to reports, Eastman Kodak’s patent claim against RIM and apple concerning camera-phone image previews is invalid, according to an initial determination by a U.S. International Trade Commission administrative law judge.

BlackBerry Tops Smartphone Market Share in North America


I believe these stats have been gathered correctly. I’m not biased of the outcome, rather in favor of the method. They looked at two primary factors here. The first in operating system market share, and the other in manufacturer market share. The results? Currently in North America, BlackBerry still has the largest market share amongst […]

Get a Free BlackBerry Torch or iPhone 3GS Today from Best Buy

free torch/iphone

The guys at BGR have obtained some sweet info for you X-mas shoppers. Today, Best Buy is offering the BlackBerry Torch 9800 for free w/contract or you can pick the T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9300. If you don’t want a BlackBerry, the 8GB iPhone 3GS is also offered for free with a new two-year AT&T contract.  This […]

Apple Beats RIM In Vendor Shipments


In a report published by the International Data Corporation, a premier global provider of market intelligence, Apple has out beat RIM in the distribution of smartphones. In the 3rd quarter of 2010 Apple shipped 14.1 million handsets while RIM recorded a total of 12.4 million units shipped. That makes a difference of around 1.7 million mobile […]

This Hurts.


Hello, Donta here, mentioning my concern with everyone’s faith in RIM and the BlackBerry OS. T-Mobile recently spoke of a spike in the Android market and a shortage of BlackBerry subscribers; what else is new right? It upsets me that everyone is releasing these charts and percentages because it simply shows how much faith they […]