T-Mobile begins rolling out BlackBerry 10.1 for BlackBerry Z10 users. A lot of BlackBerry Z10 users have been using a 10.1 leaked OS already, however if you are one who just doesn’t trust leaks T-Mobile has made the 10.1 OS official.

Via T-Mobile:

Beginning June 10, the BlackBerry Z10 will have a software update to BlackBerry OS 10.1 via OTA and BlackBerry Link.  This update improves device performance, provides additional security, and resolves several known issues.

You can update in two ways:

  • Over the air (OTA) update
  • Manual download using BlackBerry Link


Current Software Version
Update Status This software version is current. Your device software is up to date.
  1. Beginning June 10, follow the steps above to Download update from BlackBerry.
  2. If you have problems downloading, wait for the OTA to complete on June 21.
Other versions T-Mobile and BlackBerry will not send you a software update.


Devices with non-T-Mobile software versions are out of warranty and donot receive updates.

For a full list of new features in 10.1 visit the T-Mobile site to view the docs.