T-Mobile CEO John Legere responds to BlackBerry users on Twitter

T Mobile John Legere 615x349 T Mobile CEO John Legere responds to BlackBerry users on TwitterLast week T-Mobile sent out an e-mail to a select number of customers attacking BlackBerry users with an ad asking users to switch to iPhone devices (ad shown below) from their BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry users got note of this and let the T-Mobile CEO @JohnLegere know how they felt about it, he responded and this is what he had to say.

While it doesn’t mean much it is good to know that BlackBerry users voice was heard and the T-Mobile CEO will report back on what he plans to do in regards to BlackBerry users. He did follow up and tweet this about the above tweet:

Hopefully he gives BlackBerry users what they want and start selling BlackBerry devices in stores again, bring out the BlackBerry Z30!

In case you were wondering what ad was sent via e-mail here it is:

t mobile blackberry iphone switch 615x947 T Mobile CEO John Legere responds to BlackBerry users on Twitter

Clearly attacking BlackBerry users, hopefully with BlackBerry users stepping up and voicing their opinion via Twitter we see more of a commitment from T-Mobile.

 T Mobile CEO John Legere responds to BlackBerry users on Twitter
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 T Mobile CEO John Legere responds to BlackBerry users on Twitter


  1. rzanger author says

    Good job. My experience in Canada was horrible with SaskTel dealers. Bestbuy was the worst. I was shocked that not only was there no interest in selling blackberrys but there was a coordinated effort to discourage people from buying them period. I’m done with all Canadian electronic retailers period.

    • Nick author says

      Bought a Z10 from the BELL store in Canada. No problems, they even had a BB10 expert on staff, and was quite helpful.
      I’ll be going back to pick up my Z30, as soon as the prices somewhat drop a bit. Though I did witness a few customers int he store watching be buy the Z10, and they had smerks on there face.

      People are greatly under-educated in the smart phone market, and it seems Apple’s brain washing marketing tactics have manipulated the landscape. iPhones are not premium products. Yet people choose to pay huge cash for them.

    • Schwantz author says

      My experience with Fido staff has been very good, very professional (and I deal with the Queen W store in Toronto which you think would be ‘hipster attitude central’). The problem is that the website now offers only legacy devices and Q5s…it’s easier to deal with staff idiocy than it is to deal with corporate policy. I will obviously be switching carriers when my contract expires.

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