Spotify for BlackBerry 10 – Get It Now!

IMG 00004104 Spotify for BlackBerry 10   Get It Now!

***Updated how-to***

Finally Spotify on BlackBerry 10 could be installed on your devices, as you could see here I have a fully working Spotify app running on my BlackBerry Q10 device.

While it might take some minor work to sideload this Android ported app (works great for a port), it will definitely be worth it to all you music loves out there.

To get a fully working Spotify app on your BlackBerry 10 device:

  • Download the latest APK file, here ( I went ahead and uploaded it for you all)
  • If you are running 10.2 and have one of the Runtimes installed from my how-to download working BAR file here and follow guide here.
  • Follow the simplified tutorial on how to install Android 2.3.3 apps on your BlackBerry 10 device

While the APK I provided is the latest working Spotify file, you will need to convert it to a bar before installing to your device (explained in tutorial). If you come across any issues feel free to drop a comment below.



 Spotify for BlackBerry 10   Get It Now!
Any comments/questions? Shoot me an e-mail: Michael @ Feel free to add me on BBM: PIN 2AF2FB53. Fastest way to get a response: Ask in the forum Instagram @michaelheredia21
 Spotify for BlackBerry 10   Get It Now!


  1. emmuniz1 author says

    Not a BB10 native App!… don’t care for Spotify until they decide to support BB users with a native one!!

    • John M. author says

      We can’t post the bar file as the BAR we create are PIN specific. If you follow Michael’s simplified tutorial posted above you will be able to create the BAR for your device easily. Just make sure to follow each step and you should be okay. Just let us know if you run into problems. Good luck.

  2. zabladowski author says

    Just completed in 5 minutes without any hiccup. Bless you Michael, the *one* issue with my wonderful Q10 fixed! This is the most useful tutorial I’ve ever found on the net! Today is a good day. Now to listening :)

      • zabladowski author says

        Having had such success the first time, I’ve since had to send my phone off for repair and have been sent an entirely new unit. Repeating the process with a second set of tokens returned the message ‘CSK file already exists. Use -cskdelete to delete first.’ in Terminal when entering a developer password in the Mac process. How do I proceed? And if I need new developer tokens, they seem to have changed the process slightly so that you are sent one file immediately called ‘bbidtoken.csk’ (assuming you are requesting a token for apps developed in an Android environment).

        Many thanks in advance!

  3. Matt Doyle author says

    Works surprisingly well.
    My only problem with it is the activity notification that constantly comes up in the BlackBerry Hub that tells you what song you are listening to.

    • I author says

      Same problem here, but also when the notification comes up I have a lot of stuttering and lagging in the music. Does anyone else have this? It makes the whole thing useless.

  4. kaizero author says

    Oh i forgot to say i have a mac and it was easy with the tutorial. Step by step and voilà… Spotify on an Z10 :)

  5. beallen0417 author says

    Getting the following error message:

    Install failure 881 debug token signature is not valid

    Info: Action: Install
    Info: File size: 3678343
    Info: Installing …
    Info: Processing 3678343 bytes
    result::failure 881 debug token signature is not valid

  6. whitman1973 author says

    When go into offline mode where does it save the files? Does it got to the sim card or device mem?

  7. whitman1973 author says

    Ok so I have recently installed the OS so that I could run Jellybean Runtime for some APPS like Candy Crush and Shazam. But I am having issues since doing this…

    I have tried your way and I am not able to Sideload the Debug Token. Get an error that says 500 Invalid Install Action 2.
    If I just Sideload the Spotify Bar file it installs fine but when I open the app I get the following error: Unfortunately, Spotify has stopped.

    So I am not sure what the next step would be. Thanks for the help.

  8. montesahno author says

    works fine thanks a lot! there is only one problem: spotify dosn’t store any files on my external sd card! it only works with the internal memory! has anybody an idea how to manage this???

  9. Ryan V. Kettenhofen author says

    I was able to get the debug file on my z10 successfully. In development mode it says that I have a debug token.
    After installing the Spotify onto my phone, the icon is there, but when I press it, the app doesn’t open.
    I’ve reset my phone. Still doesn’t work.
    Any suggestions?
    I’m using 10.1

  10. Tom author says

    Hey Michael,
    unfortunately the app shows a white screen and after the white screen it sais: App was closed.

    I searched through the net and found the instruction to create a folder with in the Misc > android > Android > data > folder but here is no folder named “ “.
    Any ideas? Thank you very much in advance!

  11. W author says

    When I open the spotify app it’s a dark screen with the blackberry logo on it and a blue loading bar at the bottom. When the blue loading bar gets to about 60 percent it just closes. Any ideas?

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