New Software Allows MS Office 2011 Users to Now Sync with BlackBerry

Whoaaah, what news to wake up to. This is great. Late, but great. The business solution that was once so prominent for BlackBerry has taken a dip, but slowly,  it’s catching up. this is what I’m talking about. Recently PocketMac for BlackBerry 5.04 was released which BlackBerry users can now synchronize their Microsoft Outlook 2011 data.

“It’s here – BlackBerry owners can now synchronize data from Outlook 2011 to almost any model of BlackBerry,” Tim Goggin, VP of Sales & Marketing said. “To celebrate, we’re giving new customers a discount of $11.20 off the retail price.”

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Goggin is also going to extend the special $11.20 discount until the end of the year for customers who are new to PocketMac for BlackBerry. Customers who want to take advantage of this discount can use the following coupon code: MSOFFICE

Be advised that synching capabilities are limited to only contacts because Microsoft has restricted which items software developers can access. Additional syncing capabilities such as calendars, tasks and notes have been promised to arrive soon. How soon? We do not know. Hopefully these details will be disclosed soon.

“We’re so proud of this release that we’re also going to add 31 days of free phone support with every order,” Goggin said. “We’re a small company but we want all BlackBerry customers to get the support they would get from a big company. From the day someone orders to 31 days after, you can setup phone appointments with our support engineers who will walk you through any problem you might encounter.”

What’s more, PocketMac for BlackBerry can be installed on up to 3 machines, meaning a user can sync their BlackBerry between different Macs and have their data current on every machine.

Goggin ended by saying, “Like all PocketMac products, PocketMac for BlackBerry comes with a full 90-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll refund your money completely.”

Pricing and Availability:
PocketMac for BlackBerry 5.04 retails for $29.97 (US

PocketMac for BlackBerry 5.04

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 New Software Allows MS Office 2011 Users to Now Sync with BlackBerry
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 New Software Allows MS Office 2011 Users to Now Sync with BlackBerry


  1. says

    Wee. So we can only Sync Contacts with Outlook on Mac. And.. so far as I can tell, there is no mention of ANY OTHER DEVICES that will sync to Outlook2011 for Mac.

    Since it appears that Microsoft's own licensing constraints have barred developers from writing apps to connect to Outlook2011 for Mac, we have to wonder what fool is driving the bus over at Microsoft's Mac Business Unit?

  2. Bill says

    Oh boy what a great step forward. Too bad it still doesn't sync your calendar in Outlook. I guess I'll just dust off my day planner and buy another bottle of ink for my quill until either microsoft or blackberry get their act together.

  3. says

    Honestly, I don't see ANY step forward. The Desktop Manager software that comes with Blackberry does exactly that, and it comes included with the phone without having to spend any more money. What does Pocketmac do that is not already available with current RIM software?

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