SkyDrive for BlackBerry 10

Skydrive BlackBerry 10 580x348 SkyDrive for BlackBerry 10

SkyDrive for BlackBerry 10 will more than likely be available from the developers of Files & Folders, as they sent out this tweet quoting “#BB10-inspired look & fell and more!”. We all know BlackBerry 10 is months away, but having developers planning ahead to provide us BlackBerry users with top-end apps is something to really look forward to. Being a SkyDrive user myself, this adds some type of excitement for the class of apps that will become available for BlackBerry 10. Which apps/app do you want to see on BlackBerry 10?

 SkyDrive for BlackBerry 10
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 SkyDrive for BlackBerry 10


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    I’m the developper of PlayCloud application.
    This application is an alternative of Files and Folders written with native language. So flower and faster.
    The current PlayCloud release for PlayBook (available in the AppWorld) supports local and system browsing and cloud services (Box, Dropbox, Skydrive…) And of course bridge is fully supported.
    PlayCloud will be available for BB10 with more services and features.
    I’ll publish soon more info with screenshots.

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