About software SayIt

1. Overview:

Currently, along with the development of mobile technology and handsets, voice recognition technology (Voice Recognition), management support voice (Voice Assistant), switch from character to voice says (Text to Speech) is a growing trend of mobile technology in recent times.Can be taken as an example of Siri on Apple iPhone 4S, but the technology is not new, but it appears at the right time and revived the movement of voice recognition mobile phone.
Understanding the situation, I launched SayIt software, is a software that supports voice recognition, convert text to voice, convert voice into text. Software running on the platform BBOS from 5.0 and above, participate in the competition framework BlackBerry Application Challenge Viet Nam 2011

2. Introduction to software details

a.Chuc features: 

SayIt has four basic functions:
• Voice recognition to perform several operations such as:

 View weather information of a city, a region 
 Search Hotel, Bar, Club, Dentist, Doctor, Restaurant, Golf Course, .. 
 Created email, SMS, PIN 
 Open the browser, MemoPad, task, AddressBook 
(Note that the language used is English)

• Convert documents (text format) to voice and be able to save the file to be converted as mp3 (with a limited number of 25 words). Can send the file to be converted via Email, PIN, BBM.

• Convert voice to text

• Support for composing Email, SMS, BBM, Task, Memo, MMS, PIN voice.

b. Layout:

• The interface of the program

• voice recognition interface:

Be inspired by the look of Siri

• The interface converts text to speech

• The interface converting voice to text

• Interface compose Email, SMS, MMS, PIN, BBM voice

c. How to use
 Identify voice:

When on this screen, users click SayIt bottom of the screen, then the voice commands. The script currently supports the following:

 When the user puts the phrase on the SayIt will return the result popup with voice chat and read the results are returned.

 Convert characters (text to audio)

The user can type text directly or copy text into the input data, then select the voice and select SayIt

Use the More button for more options

 Convert audio to character

Select the recording time and press Record

3. Career development in the future

Currently, the basic functions used complete some features such as sending email, BBM, SMS was not completed.
In the future will add many more command and complete the mail function to send, share, BBM, …

You download and test at this link: here. Support yourself by Nhe comment on this thread!

Before running the software, you must SayIt Permission Set to Allow for all software Nhe 
For OS 6: Options> Device> Application Management> SayIt> Edit Permissions> Connections (Allow), Interactions (Allow), User Data (Allow) 
For OS 5: Options> Advanced Options> Application Permissions> SayIt> Connections (Allow), Interactions (Allow), User Data (Allow)

SayIt is a simple choice for your listening and pronunciation practice English!