wpid87102-bbe_how_to.pngHere we have a simplified method on installing almost every Android 2.3.3 app on your BlackBerry 10 device, the tutorial is provided by Sacha. We posted a bit of a more complex tutorial a few days ago, this walk through will be a lot easier and support Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems.

To get started:

If you are running BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS we suggest you follow this guide.

1. Java JRE
2. Debug Token
Note: To get a debug token:

  • Simply request tokens here. Keep note of the ‘PIN’ you chose.
  • Edit config.txt from my package below. PINPASS is the pin you chose on the webpage, above. KEYPASS is a password of your choosing. DEVICEPIN to the pin of your phone.
  • Drag the two .csj files (drag them both at the same time) that were emailed to you on to a-registertokens.
  • Run b-createdebugtoken.
  • You should have a debugtoken.bar if everything went successfully. Sideload it to your device and continue.

Windows Steps

  1. Download this packagehere. [Updated 15th June #6]
  2. Put your debugtoken.bar in the same directory as the script.
  3. Now just drag any Android app .apk on to y-android2bb.bat. A .bar should be generated.


  • Request tokens here
  • Download DMG
  • Open downloaded DMG. Copy “Debugtoken request” folder somewhere (Desktop or your home folders)
  • Drag 2 .CSJ files from e-mails(requested tokens from first step) into “Debugtoken request” folder
  • Open Terminal, type cd, drag “Debugtoken request” folder into it and press ENTER (make notice to have space after “cd” command)
  • Type: sh register.sh and press ENTER
  • Put in your developers password which you should invent and remember for later use when prompted
  • Put in your developer pin which you’ve created while registering on the web page in the step 1 when prompted
  • Put in your device PIN when prompted (in lower case)
  • You should get the debugtoken.bar file on your Desktop. Drag it to the “Drag debugtoken.bar here” folder in the downloaded DMG and copy Apk2Bar Converter app somewhere.
  • Sideload your debugtoken to your device.
  • Run Apk2bar Converter and drag an .apk file onto application window.
  • Sideload converted .bar file onto your device.

Now you can install this .bar on your device and it should just work. You can use the included z-installer.bat or other means. (I experienced issues on Windows 8 using z-installer, was a breeze when installing needed .bar files via DDPB or Chrome Extension)


  • If the createdebugtokens cannot find your author.p12, it is looking in %APPDATA%\..\Local\Research In Motion for a file called ‘author.p12’
  • If you get ‘881 no debug token found’ that means you didn’t install your debugtoken.bar on your phone.

If you would like to thank Sacha for providing us BlackBerry 10 users with this guide, feel free to support him by donating to him here.

If you come across any issues just drop a comment below or ask via the forum.

For those of you all who prefer a video tutorial check out the video outline that James from BerryFlow did based off steps provided above (for Windows):