BYPMYg1IYAEp9eKA new feature upcoming in the 10.2.1 builds is Picture Password. This is a combination of a number and an image to unlock your device.

Only available with a build higher than leaked a couple of days ago and Picture Password is present but it doesn’t work. However, if you sideload the following:

sys.settings-, Picture Password should work. This is confirmed to be working on a Z10 and a reboot maybe necessary after sideloading.

Give it a try, it’s pretty cool if you ask me.  This only works properly on and sideloading the settings bar from that onto the .845 build will fix the issue. This doesn’t work completely on .575, so don’t bother. Unless you have found a fix, please let me know in the comments below or add me on BBM!

Remember, BlackBerry Empire is not responsible to what you do to your device whilst messing with BETA software.

Download sys.settings-