BlackBerry Windermere With Featured Gesture-Based Keyboard Revealed


Looks like the mysterious BlackBerry device we reported on earlier is the BlackBerry Windermere device that BlackBerry is secretly working on, the Windermere is rumored to have a gesture-based physical keyboard according to reports. While BlackBerry makes the best mobile keyboards on the planet, the Windermere is said to take it up another notch with […]

BlackBerry ‘Ontario’ running OS 10.3 spotted on Geekbench benchmark testing

BlackBerry Ontario

Things just got interesting with the BlackBerry Ontario being spotted on Geekbench bechmark testing, the device is running OS 10.3 with a quad-core processor and 2 GB of ram. For those of you unfamiliar with Geekbench benchmark testing, there is a native app for BlackBerry 10 devices in BlackBerry World which was just released not […]

Justin Bieber wanted to be Team BlackBerry, BlackBerry passed

Justin Bieber

BlackBerry had its chance to make Justin Bieber its brand ambassador (at an affordable price as well) but they chose not to go this route as at the time they felt they didn’t need a young celebrity type ambassador. While BlackBerry is not known for marketing this could of been something that would of helped […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge Hub Access on BlackBerry 10 Spotted


One of our forum members just let us know (via BerryFlow) about the BlackBerry 10 HUB running on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via a bridge connection using your BlackBerry 10 device as shown in the image above. This shows you all your HUB accounts through Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. The app is not able to do anything like […]