RIM Pushing for AT&T’s T-Mobile Merge?

ATT buys T Mobile USA for 39 Billion 01 RIM Pushing for AT&T’s T Mobile Merge?

While reading some off-season Cowboys news over at the Dallas Morning News, I stumbled across their tech blog where they have reported that RIM, Microsoft, Facebook and others are in support for AT&T’s T-Mobile acquisition. According to sources, a letter by the companies was delivered to the FCC in support of the proposed merge.

“Consumer demand for wireless broadband is dramatically increasing, and our wireless networks are struggling to keep pace with the demand,” the companies wrote in their letter. “AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile represents a near-term means of addressing the rising consumer demand.”

So far the mobile operator Sprint has been the only telecom to oppose the acquisition saying that the proposed T-Mobile takeover would harm the broadband economy, competition and consumers.

via DallasNews

view letter here
source NYT

 RIM Pushing for AT&T’s T Mobile Merge?
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 RIM Pushing for AT&T’s T Mobile Merge?


  1. says

    I don’t want the merger to happen but people are flocking away from tmo for lack of wireless support in a larger number of markets. The are I live in just got 3G from tmo and they’re claiming to be a 4G company. I know so many people that just leave their provider for many reasons and these reason are slowly being addressed. It makes no sense for the companies to do the things they’re doing. No one is being loyal to customers anymore.

  2. rico123 says

    If RIM is gonna support them, them I’m gonna move to an Android phone! I do NOT want a merger. The main reason people are with T-Mo is for the bargain prices.

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