RIM Not Showing Hardware at Mobile World Congress but will Show BB10 OS

mobile RIM Not Showing Hardware at Mobile World Congress but will Show BB10 OS

Now that the release of PlayBook OS 2.0  is behind us, heading into Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile trade show, questions will be asked on what RIM has in store to show for MWC. If you’re anticipating to see a BB 10 phone there and don’t see one, it’s because RIM has no plans on revealing new hardware other than whats out with the PlayBook. According to sources RIM will showcase what they have done with OS 2.0 along with what coming in BlackBerry 10 (BB10 OS).

We will seeBB10 OS in the form of powerpoint slidesand screenshot photos/videos. RIM has done a nice job in presenting TAT and Cascades via slideshow and video so it will  be interesting to see how BB10 functions heading into the mobile transition. Hopefully in May at BlackBerry World RIM has some hardware to show off with some specs.

Research In Motion
BlackBerry maker RIM has said that there will be no new hardware at the show this year, but that it will be showing off the new PlayBook 2.0 operating system and the software operating system, BB OS 10, that it hopes will power its new phones expected later in the year.



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