RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Announces Her Retirement

 RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Announces Her Retirement

RIM CIO Robin Bienfait

RIM’s Chief Information Officer, Robin Bienfait, will retire at the end of this year, the company announced. Bienfait has been with RIM for six years and even though she is leaving her position she’ll continue to work with RIM in an advisory position during the transition to the new mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10, that will launch early next year.

Bienfait focused on the company’s service infrastructure growth, which grew from 47 petabytes of data per year to 33 petabytes of data per month. According to RIM, her job was primarily to take the company’s “BlackBerry data services infrastructure from a single presence in Canada to a distributed model connecting to over 650 carrier partners worldwide.” She also focused on RIM’s enterprise business unit this year as the company’s partners began courting enterprise customers for its new BlackBerry 10 platform.

“Robin has been an outstanding CIO and has built a world class organization,” RIM CEO Thorsten Heins said. “Her team has diligently prepared us for the launch of BlackBerry 10 and beyond, and I will remain deeply grateful for her  leadership and commitment.”

Source: Business Insider

 RIM CIO Robin Bienfait Announces Her Retirement
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