RIM has just joined the WordPress family and have shared all of their consumer blogs to WordPress .com VIP hosting. In case you don’t know what WP is, it’s an open source Content Management System (CMS), which is mostly used as a blog publishing application. We use WP here at BBE and its awesome. WordPress offers great features including plug-in architecture and template design systems. Read More for Press Snippet >>

“We’re excited to share that RIM’s BlackBerry consumer blogs are now on WordPress.com VIP Hosting!

We also had the chance to stop by the BlackBerry PlayBook party at the South by Southwest conference this past week and we know they have big things in store and we’re excited they’re using WordPress as their corporate communication tool.”

Source: Publisher’s Blog

Welcome to the WordPress family!

If you have a BlackBerry, don’t forget you can use the WordPress for BlackBerry application to post content to your WordPress site from wherever you are.

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