Review: Noreve Tradition Leather Flip Case For BlackBerry Z30

Noreve BlackBerry Z30 case

Phone cases often try to strike a good balance between functionality and style. On first glance, Noreve’s leather flip case for the BlackBerry Z30 tries to be more of the latter than the former. But can it live up to the company’s promise of “functional luxury”? Let’s have a closer look and find out.

Hands on with the Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Z30

Z30 in hand

The BlackBerry Z30 is here and brings a lot of what was desired from the original Z10 device, now in a sexier package. Sporting a 5” AMOLED screen and an extended battery that is sure to keep you productive for hours to come. In short, the BlackBerry Z30 is sure to please. The BlackBerry Empire […]

[REVIEW] The BlackBerry Z30: BlackBerry’s Latest and Greatest Smartphone

BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry 10 may well be a very young OS, but a whole lot has happened to it in the last ten months. We’ve seen four OS updates roll out, and now we have a new flagship device – the Z30. So, let’s have a look and see if this phone has what it takes to […]


Screenshot 2013-10-28 18.58.32

Normally on BlackBerry Empire, we deal with product reviews – devices and accessories, to be precise. But you have to buy these things from somewhere too, so when I was asked to review the shopping experience at Wireless Emporium, I figured this would be something useful for you, our readers.

Review: BBM On iPhone

BBM Picture Sharing

At last! Today marks a day in history where the iconic and famous BlackBerry Messenger or better known as BBM is finally available for download on an iPhone platform. As the picture above shows, the popular BBM app can easily be downloaded for FREE through the App Store by all iPhone users. Personally being a […]

Review: Power Jacket With Cover For BlackBerry Q10 – 2800mAh From Brando Workshop


Hello again to all you BlackBerry Empire faithful. It has been a few weeks since my last product review on a BlackBerry 10 accessory and if you rememeber that was on the Power Jacket from Brando Workshop. Well I guess Brando Workshop was paying attention to that review because they have just come out with […]

[REVIEW] The BlackBerry Q5: A Budget-Friendly BlackBerry 10 Experience

BlackBerry Q5

When BlackBerry 10 first launched, we were presented with two high-end models – the full-touch Z10 and the keyboard-wielding Q10. These were designed to be the cream of the crop, but unfortunately they were a little expensive for some consumers – enter the Q5. This is the third BlackBerry 10 handset, and currently the cheapest […]