Over an hour ago I sat down, earphones plugged in to watch the BlackBerry Jam Americas webcast. What I expected to be a routine conference, with the usual emphasis on what we already know, turned out to be a sight for sore eyes. From Thorstein Heins’ obvious excitement to the level of detail that RIM has reached in perfecting the future BlackBerry experience, only the next video can make you understand my excitement.

BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Peek and BlackBerry Flow.

Goodbye physical BlackBerry menu key, hello BlackBerry Peek. Swipe right from any screen and you see not only notifications but in some apps, the menu itself. What is the BlackBerry Hub, consider it as your regular messages inbox, only it pulls all the information of the people in every message from connected social networks to calendar events.

BlackBerry Flow? Well gone is the in-out paradigm and the home button. You never have to leave an app to view messages or notifications. And thanks to frames, you can freeze an app in real time while you swipe to another and with another swipe you will flow right back into it.

BlackBerry App World will be bringing new features! Renting or buying videos, music and apps all in one store front. No more ‘show more’ items when browsing through a long list of apps, they will all be presented in a fluid infinite list.

I got more than I expected. Devs are getting new tools today, new Dev Alpha devices, an update for the Dev Alpha device’s OS and hey the new devices won’t need new connectors. Check the videos out, tell me what you think by dropping a comment.