PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype]

IMG 00000279 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype]

If your a BlackBerry PlayBook owner as am I, you’ve probably been waiting for third party applications such as Skype and the like. Although those applications are coming (as reported earlier, specifically Skype, you can read more here), if your not wanting to wait, a friend has told me about a solution for now.

The great thing about the PlayBook is Adobe Flash. Because the device has flash, the internet is nearly limitless. There are two sites I’m going to talk about that allow you to video chat on your PlayBook. The first, AV by AIM.

IMG 00000263 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype]

AV by AIM provides a very smooth video chatting experience. Once you log in, you can chat with two other friends (total of three) via the browser. You don’t need to create an account and they way you connect with friends is through a link provided as you log in.

IMG 00000264 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype](I was multi-tasking like the PlayBook in the picture above)

IMG 00000270 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype]
I enjoyed using AV by AIM because it was simple and to the point. Now, moving on to being able to use Skype on the PlayBook. Another site my friend told my about was “imo“. This site allows you to use clients such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Google Talk, FaceBook, AIM/ICQ, Jabber, VKontakte, MySpace, and Hyves. The one I tested was Skype.

IMG 00000272 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype]

The best thing I can say about this all is that it works. The experience is a bit of a bumpy ride. The quality on the images is choppy and on one attempt, we had a pretty bad echo. However, the voice chat worked as it should, without a problem, on the PlayBook. When your using it, the front facing camera is “Camera 0″ and the rear facing camera is “Camera 1″. It was nice to have the functionality of both cameras.

IMG 00000267 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype]

If you have to use Skype and the PlayBook is all you have available, now you have a way to use it. If your using the video chat for something you must see, you will surely be disappointed because the resolution is very poor. If not, then as I mentioned before, it’ll be a good alternative until we get those third party, video chatting applications. Below are more screen shots (descriptions below screen shots):

IMG 00000268 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype](Flash Player Settings)
IMG 00000274 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype](When you click ‘Settings’ to switch cameras)
IMG 00000276 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype](Video Chat)IMG 00000277 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype](Portrait mode [camera stays in landscape mode])
IMG 00000278 PlayBook Video Chat Options [Including Skype](Full screen)




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